Announcement - 2018-10-15,16:54:53


@everyone Wallet version 3.10.5 and Block DX version 0.8.0 are now available! The team is very proud of this release as it includes many improvements.


  • Fix for network spam
  • Fix for memory leaks
  • Fix for RPC locking
  • XBridge protocol enforcement
  • XWallets matching algorithm
  • Improved XWallets reporting
  • XBridge configuration file hot-loading
  • Service Node selection randomization
  • New XBridge Trade History API

Wallet Redesign

  • Submit Proposal screen
  • Transaction History screen
  • Address Book screen

Block DX

  • Market pricing (BTC)
  • Trade history chart
  • Order form buy/sell distinction

Block DX 0.8.0

Wallet 3.10.5

Wallet Redesign 3.10.5

These updates are required for Service Nodes and any Block DX users that want to use the chart history or market pricing.