Blocknet mentions


Discussion and posting of any places around the web where Blocknet is being mentioned! A chance for us to collectively market ourselves on social media channels.

Content posted over from Discord.


Eazy G (Discord):


Matthijs (Discord): Lol! And know he talks positive about Blocknet


Matthijs (Discord): Actually he just read an article…


Eazy G (Discord): Yeah he’s an idiot. He reviewed blocknet by just reading an article and then completely failed to understand the project. At least this is positive I guess.


Matthijs (Discord): Indeed, btw I think I am blocked or something. My comment doesn’t show op below his vid. Would be great if more people could leave a positive message about Blocknet


Scott Wehman (Discord): Most of his “content” is just reading verbatim from a project’s existing website or whitepaper. Such low effort.


Matthijs (Discord): indeed, tbh a shit channel. But exposure is good. I am the only one who has left a comment btw about Blocknet


cryptoved (Discord): Anyone else want to add to this thread? He has a big following


Matthijs (Discord):


Scott Wehman (Discord): <@352725598357028875> I shilled my podcast in the comments (also a Youtube Link) if anyone wants to like it. He may remove it, though…


Matthijs (Discord): <@409926710658596865> Can’t see it, might be deleted


Scott Wehman (Discord): <@352725598357028875> sorry, the decentralized TV video I meant.


Matthijs (Discord): <@409926710658596865> That’s odd, can’t find it either. Have you placed an URL?


Matthijs (Discord): In your comment


Scott Wehman (Discord): Yes


Matthijs (Discord): Hmm I don’t think a YouTube url is blocked. But I still don’t see it


Matthijs (Discord): Anyone else sees it?


bbr (Discord): Might be marked as spam as it contains a link - the comment will still be visible to the person who posted it but not to anyone else.


Scott Wehman (Discord): Yeah… probably