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littleeagle (Discord): I’m a big fan of interchain communication protocols as I think the potential there is huge. I’m not a member of the Blocknet team btw.

The first problem is APIs are limited to a certain set of data/commands. So if I wanted to send an arbitrary message between chains ("Hello world!" or send a picture) there's not really an API call for that currently.

So long as the APIs are expressive enough that’s a non-issue. Countless apps are successfully built upon API’s. Blocknet also has a custom xrouter command that allows an arbitrary command to be passed in the API that will work so long as a service node provides the service.

Get out of your head that APIs are something evil. Many blockchain apps are built on APIs. One could argue that Bitcoin itself works due to it’s API.

Second, every connected chain would need to adopt the same API system, or the connecting/aggregating entity would need to translate between all the connected chains APIs. Neither are easy to accomplish.

That’s not how the Blocknet’s Xrouter works. It’s actually the opposite. It works with the API of the blockchain it’s interfacing with, it doesn’t force the blockchain to conform to a particular API.

Someone using Xrouter doesn’t need to worry about the differences between different blockchain API’s, the Xrouter abstracts that all away from the end user.

The third problem is centralization. An API call is essentially asking or telling a node something, but what if that node is compromised? And if multiple nodes are involved, how is consensus achieved if the data between them differs?

What you describe - asking multiple nodes for “their version of the truth”, is actually the opposite of centralised. It’s about as decentralised as you can get. Consensus is achieved by what the majority of service nodes agree on (quorum).


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