Blocknet Milestones


This topic will be updated over time to reflect all the milestones of the Blocknet project. As of 09/08/2018:

Dec 2014: first messages sent across blockchains (data transport proof-of-concept)
March 2015: partnership with Bitnation forged
March 2015: Decentralized exchange UI/UX: business logic and mockups
April 2015: Blocknet Think Tank launched; breadth of scope of the Blocknet seen to extend to the entire token ecosystem
May 2015: Ethereum collaboration; commitment to integrate ETH
October 2015: Decentralized exchange v.1 (proof-of-concept)
December 2015: Blockchain router v.1
March 2016: Decentralized exchange v.2 (TierNolan’s algo, no CLTV)
August 2016: Decentralized exchange v.3 (CLTV: nonmalleable design)
Sept 2016: Debugging and testing; order book
May 2017: Service node design: QoS provider concept
June 2017: Decentralized exchange app: specification documentation complete (for UI/UX partner)
Aug 2017: Ethfinex partnership
Sept 2017: Production blockchain launch; service node economics in play, self-funding system launch
Oct 2017: UI/UX partnership with VSA Partners
March 2018: Block DX, the Blocknet decentralized exchange, released in beta
March 2018: whitepaper release
April 2018: partnership with NIX
April 2018: new website,
May 2018: XRouter, the blockchain router, released in beta
June 2018: XBridge APIs published
June 2018: New Blocknet wallet released in beta
June 2018: Blocknet wins “Best Blockchain Developer of 2018” at the Blocks Awards, Amsterdam
July 2018: Marketing organisational framework and social media teams launched
July 2018: first ever transaction sent over interchain infrastructure (XRouter)
Aug 2018: XRouter APIs released

Kindly compiled by the awesome Arlyn of Blocknet.