Blocknet service nodes setup


All the info being posted on the “Service nodes - setup” channel from Discourse is posted here.


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@345499050679730176> Well, looks like Im gonna have to start from scratch alas. I don’t get it. VPS running fine for 4 days - no rewards. Configs and memory fine. Cant even stop my node from running on my vps now. I get : error-server not responding" when I do the stop command. Cant get past that stage so I installed the new wallet without stopping. Node continued running and now I will wait again. If it goes to missing in the usual 6 hours again., I guess Im starting from scratch. Anyway, thats the update. Thanks for you help eazy and others.


Eazy G (Discord): <@401857127620149259> tjat is weird. Specially how it won’t stop the old wallet running. Did you do the system reboot that it’s telling g you to do? Surely that would stop the old wallet?


Fattox (Discord): Sounds like RPC settings aren’t correctly entered on the node side, or the demon wasn’t running in the first place for some reason/crashed


ChoCrypto (Discord): Anyone who can help with a VPS guide to update the wallet to the latest mandatory release. I am a nob


illlefr4u (Discord): I’m trying to install service node by this tutorial:


illlefr4u (Discord): but at Client when I go to servicenodes GUI I didn’t see any nodes


illlefr4u (Discord): how I can add it there? or if to be more correct: where does this gui take the information?


Dafeman (Discord): <@351708272258187264> it should be as simple as closing the wallet you are currently running then starting the new one. They use the same data directory.


ChoCrypto (Discord): <@343330932440170498> I did manage to pull the new wallet in, that seemed like all went well. The problem came when i used the command ./blocknetdxd to start the wallet. I got an error. I do not know where did i go wrong. My linux skill is very poor


Dafeman (Discord): Sorry no help with Linux unfortunately.


Eazy G (Discord): What was the error? Did you stop the old wallet first?


ChoCrypto (Discord): Yes I stopped the old wallet first. <@345499050679730176> Can I DM you and explain in detail?


Eazy G (Discord): Sure. I’ll help if I can…


onealfa (Discord): Hi. Another noob here. Must update my nodes to the last release. How long node can be stopped (before I start a new version) in order to maintain my que, and not loose rewards? Few minutes? Seconds? Hours?


onealfa (Discord): Also I see 2 versions of last releas - BlocknetDX version 3.10.2 … and version 3.10.2-redesign. Which one of these 2 I should better use for nodes ( VULTR VPS, Linux Ubuntu) ?


Fattox (Discord): Approx 1 hour, you can just use either if you’re using command-line since you only run the daemon. If you’re using Ubuntu Desktop, it’s up to you which UI you prefer, new or old.


onealfa (Discord): ok. I think I read somewhere that “redesign” still got some bugs ? true?


Fattox (Discord): It’s been fine for me but we’ve had some feedback for improvements at least. :smiley:


onealfa (Discord): I also read that those who have not updated, will not collect any fees . This is probably true only for those who run DX exchange nodes? Because I dont see if any other fees can be missed on a simple servicenore without wallets. Wrong?