Blocknet service nodes setup


Fattox (Discord): just the last line is enough to view the entries in the file


Fattox (Discord): but nice to see someone working some terminal stuff out with tinkering :wink:


Fattox (Discord): Linux isn’t as scary then

#285 (Discord): vi ~/


ncc (Discord): Hi everybody! my name is eugen aka ncc and I am running a Masternode hosting with my partner.
We saw the need for a high service level and high uptime for reasonable money and developed a system where the uptime is 99.99% for all our nodes.
Furthermore we have support in different languages like:

  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Croatian
  • Serbian
    All the nodes regardless which coin, cost 15$ / month
    Check out our website and join our discord for any questions

please be aware that our website in undergoing some major updated, the new site will be ready soon!

#287 (Discord): For Service Node rewards, when they come in so they stake automatically, assuming that the waller is running and unlocked for staking?


ncc (Discord): I assume they willbut as the rewards are small and notcombined into one big block you will harldy win a reward with only staking rewards from nodes


cryptoved (Discord): Yes. Most people are consolidating them regularly though, on like a weekly basis or something similar


ncc (Discord): <@405763084444237828> maybe a question to you from marketing, are you aware of any dedicated service provider for masternode hosting within blocknet?


cryptoved (Discord): there are masternode hosting services that support Blocknet nodes, yes. But I don’t think any of them are endorsed by any Blocknet team members. There are a few community members that are running Blocknet nodes for others. <@181639123306545152> and <@356136900181884930> I believe are a couple, I’m sure there are probably others


ncc (Discord): is there any kind of possiblity to get into a more collaborative approach for blocknet?


ncc (Discord): <@405763084444237828>


cryptoved (Discord): what do you have in mind? Blocknet is always looking for more contributors


ncc (Discord): a healthy network is always good for a user base, we saw that in a lot of communities with MN networks there are some down times. so we developed a system where we have 99.99% uptime on our servers. especially for masternode holders where the waiting time can be long after a shutdown this makes a big difference. so we are looking for communities that are looking for a reliable service provider for a reasonable price supporting 24/7 in different languages like English, German, French and some languages from south east europe (Croatia, Serbian)


ncc (Discord): starting as a new provider give also some room for initial pricing if certain numbers are achieved


cryptoved (Discord): I’m not sure if you’re aware how much is involved with running a Blocknet service node. Blocknet nodes are running many wallets (currently supporting 90 blockchains) to support the XBridge and XRouter networks


ncc (Discord): yes we know that and as said if there is enough demand we would like to work together ;-


ncc (Discord): :wink:


ncc (Discord): As said, we are in the hosting business since quite some time and we are looking for bigger and more stable communities but it is a two way street. Also the setup of all the wallets is a stream of support we can build hand in hand


Fattox (Discord): I’m not sure who your offer is aimed at? If you’d like to advertise as you did earlier, that’s fine, as long as you don’t go overboard. But it sounds like you’re trying to strike a deal with… someone? The Blocknet team?

We obviously don’t have control over anyone else’s nodes, so it’s up to individuals who they choose to run their nodes. We can’t give you some deal or “two way street” of business or endorsement.