Blocknet service nodes setup


ncc (Discord): The words may be choosen a bit wrong. We know that nobody owns but base on recommendations we could figure out something. I see it this way. The more people are able to use the full range of possibilities within the node it makes it more attractive for end users to work on the platform


Fattox (Discord): Sure, and if you advertise (as you did) and do a good job. You will get recommendations. I don’t believe I’ve mentioned myself offering this service for many months, but still get clients through recommendations regularly since people are happy with what i provide.

I’m quite sure you could do the same over time if you provide a good service and build a client-base. And of course more providers = more decentralization - at least for those people unable to host their own nodes. Which is a good thing overall for the network and the project. :smiley:


Fattox (Discord): So i’m not sure what can be offered to you, other than the encouragement to do a good job for whichever clients you pick up along the way.


ncc (Discord): The first and most important point i see is to get core members on board and let them know that you will be around from time to time. When core accepts you other will follow too. If we go one step further we can also ask core members to actively recommend certain providers based on experiences. So it is a step by step approach :wink:


ncc (Discord): And this is also inportant, you never know if there is another main provider for the community and i think you have to make sure that you don‘t jump into other people‘s area withou asking


Fattox (Discord): Well endorsements come from clients (if they choose to give you one), the team won’t endorse you ‘just because’ because then we take on a degree of responsibility for that endorsement. One which isn’t based on our own experiences as clients.


Fattox (Discord): Competition is fine, don’t worry about stepping on anyone’s toes if you believe in your service. :wink:


ncc (Discord): Then a question would be what is allowed? Discord? Website? Pricing strategies? :sweat_smile: in which channels?


Fattox (Discord): Just advertise in this channel from time to time, or feel free to offering your service if you see someone asking for hosting.


Fattox (Discord): Basically just don’t be shilly, and don’t expect some “official” endorsement. But of course your clients can vouch for you if you ask them and they agree, that’s a private matter between you and them.


ncc (Discord): Like that!


ncc (Discord): Thanks <@181639123306545152>


ncc (Discord): So you will hear from time to time :wink:


Fattox (Discord): No problem and good luck.


b0y2k (Discord): guys, so on top of my VPS node falling over


b0y2k (Discord): I have a dedicated which has been solid until now


b0y2k (Discord): wallet shows missing, server reports enabled


b0y2k (Discord): :thinking:


b0y2k (Discord): forked?


b0y2k (Discord): Also beware this guy trying to spoof <@181639123306545152>