Blocknet service nodes setup


b0y2k (Discord): :point_up:t2: plz ban


b0y2k (Discord): (not me, them haha i know im pointing at my own name :joy: )


CryptoXman (Discord): instructions unclear, b0y2k banned


b0y2k (Discord): :joy:


david3456 (Discord): Why does the service node go offline every 2 days or so? Is there a way to fix this?


b0y2k (Discord): it’s looks like a memory issue on VPS’s


b0y2k (Discord): people are looking into it


Eazy G (Discord): <@419206370714451981> apparently there is a fix in the next wallet update :grinning:


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): seems need upgrading


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): Node shows as “REMOVE”


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): <@181639123306545152>


mika92 (Discord): btw how much memory and bandwidth is needed for the service node? 1GB and 1000GB enough or better 2GB and 2000GB?


Eazy G (Discord): I’d wait for the update <@398997842900811776> . At the moment it’s needs 3gb ram, but with a bit of luck 1 or 2 should be fine with the new wallet. :crossed_fingers:


mika92 (Discord): oh okay, I tried it now with 2 GB


mika92 (Discord): Oh okay… well I wait then for the update - btw is it normal that the node shows “enabled” but the active time is constantly at 00m:00s?


Eazy G (Discord): It sometimes takes a little while for the timer to change from zero.


mika92 (Discord): actually it worked thanks! however, I just got rewards for 1-2 days and that’s it… does it help if you increase the memory? currently I am using 2GB or when is the wallet update expected to come out?


b0y2k (Discord): Any news on the update to fix these crashes?


hanniabu (Discord): <@237258547006668801> an fix for this is included in this new release that’s being worked on


b0y2k (Discord): Great news <@373406915696394242>