Blocknet service nodes setup


mika92 (Discord): <@373406915696394242> do you already know when to expect the new release?


hanniabu (Discord): <@398997842900811776> We’re in the process of QA’ing the latest build


mika92 (Discord): <@373406915696394242> sounds great, thanks :smiley:


MR1 (Discord): Can anyone tell me if nodes crash also on 4 GB RAM VPS?


MR1 (Discord): Or only 1 & 2 GB RAMs are affected?


Fattox (Discord): It will still crash with the current issue, just after a longer period.


MR1 (Discord): Thanx <@181639123306545152>


b0y2k (Discord): mornin guys


b0y2k (Discord): anyone else had a node go down and not be able to restart it?


b0y2k (Discord): i upgraded also and still wont start


b0y2k (Discord): customer@s101474:~/.blocknetdx$ BlocknetDX server starting
blocknetdxd: main.cpp:2152: bool ConnectBlock(const CBlock&, CValidationState&, CBlockIndex*, CCoinsViewCache&, bool): Assertion `hashPrevBlock == view.GetBestBlock()’ failed.


b0y2k (Discord): wipe chain and resync?


Fattox (Discord): yes that’s the only way i found around that error


Fattox (Discord): i’m not sure what’s causing it but i passed it on to the devs some weeks ago


b0y2k (Discord): not seen this one before


Fattox (Discord): so i’m hopeful that it was one of the issues covered by the latest release, which we’re final testing now


b0y2k (Discord): is there a bootstrap available?


b0y2k (Discord): i have one from march i think…


b0y2k (Discord): ./blocknetdx-cli getinfo
error: no response from server - Connection refused


Fattox (Discord): it means the daemon isn’t running yet, or if it is then it’s unresponsive