Blocknet service nodes setup


b0y2k (Discord): Has anyone got a blocknet bootstrap i can download?


b0y2k (Discord): having a ton of problems with a node synching and crashing


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): !bootstrap


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord):


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): <@237258547006668801>


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord):


b0y2k (Discord): will check out that link <@386178605924876289>


b0y2k (Discord): :+1:t2:


KRATØS :scorpion: (Discord): works for me… was posted by <@408004538700922880>


b0y2k (Discord): Same error for me :frowning:


david3456 (Discord): Is there an ETA for the release to fix the issue causing service nodes to go offline after every 2-3 days?


Fattox (Discord): The current release from a few days ago addresses those issues <@419206370714451981>


david3456 (Discord): Great thanks, I didn’t see it because on the main website the link to the wallet is still to the old version on github


Fattox (Discord): I think <@408136518188924929> planned on updating those links today along with some announcement(s).


mika92 (Discord): so now the masternodes are working with the new wallet download without going offline ?


hanniabu (Discord): <@398997842900811776> correct


alkal (Discord): guys i tried the new wallets to both node and local but my vps claims it can not get a lock on the certain folder. possibly blocknet is running it claims. but its not. any help please?


b0y2k (Discord): <@399575739382497281> type ps -auxf | grep blocknet


b0y2k (Discord): then look at the process id and


b0y2k (Discord): kill -9 1123