Blocknet service nodes setup


Fattox (Discord): If you’re not running any trading wallets then you won’t be eligible for fees anyway, sure.


onealfa (Discord): OK, thanks Fattox. Right - not trading wallets here yet. Still have not seen any info what the trade volumes are these days, and is it already worth to go for those seriuos expences on upgrading hardware


onealfa (Discord): Is there any place to see the DX trade volumes?


Fattox (Discord): Yes not much traffic in general other than people testing the DX changes with each release. This page is mostly accurate but only shows past 24 hours, we did have a bit of trading in the past week.


onealfa (Discord): OK, many thanks


Philip Marshall (Discord): Are there any specific steps for removing a node from the client?


Fattox (Discord): Just remove the line in servicenode.conf


Philip Marshall (Discord): That’s it? Cool. And I will unlock the 5k. Basically I am setting up from scratch again. Thanks.


chicodelico (Discord): hello guys…


chicodelico (Discord): Am I looking for an application or software to monitor my nodes?


ishkb1 (Discord): <@110797015872487424> In what way? whether it is online or whether the wallets are up to date?


chicodelico (Discord): I can monitor the servers with RRDtool as cacti, but assuming that each server has 10 wallets, I would like to see the wallets.


chicodelico (Discord): Actually, I do not know what would be better, since there are many servers and many wallets, which makes monitoring cumbersome


ishkb1 (Discord): Ok, from how I understand your question you would like to know if other wallets besides the blocknet wallet are still up and running?


chicodelico (Discord): yes


chicodelico (Discord): At this moment I am installing 50 wallets on the servers, so in case of failure I would like to know it quickly


ishkb1 (Discord): THere is the CLI command which you can run on the blocknet wallet which shows connected wallets. I think the wallet is already looking for connected wallets every x minutes by deafult. (just a sec for the command)


chicodelico (Discord): It will be a good idea to monitor with cacti and also monitor the specific port of each wallet in each server?


chicodelico (Discord): ok ty


ishkb1 (Discord): have a look at this one