Blocknet service nodes setup


b0y2k (Discord): 1123 is an example of the id


b0y2k (Discord): this will kill the process


b0y2k (Discord): Then restart


alkal (Discord): got you will try it now thanks man


alkal (Discord): message i get now is


alkal (Discord): any ideas?


b0y2k (Discord): I have been fighting bugs similar all week <@399575739382497281>


b0y2k (Discord): I would suggest clearing your chain and doing a complete resync


b0y2k (Discord): try
./blocknetdxd -reindex &


b0y2k (Discord): if not then I would back up your .conf’s and wallet.dat files and compile or untar a fresh version of the 3.10.5 node and resync a fresh chain.


Dafeman (Discord): I know nothing about Linux but kill wouldn’t allow the wallet to shutdown correctly would it? Not shutting down the wallet always corrupts my chain data on Windows and requires a resync after deleting most files as you have mentioned.


alkal (Discord): will try thanks


alkal (Discord): i put ./blocknetdxd -reindex and i get the message that there is no rpc client functionality anymore


Fattox (Discord): @<@343330932440170498> Sadly it’s the only way if your Daemon is not responding to CLI commands (./blocknetdx-cli stop).


Dafeman (Discord): Ah right. Good to know if I start dabbling.


alkal (Discord): my kingdom for a running node! anybody willing to help me have the node setup in time4vps?


alkal (Discord): its not that i dont have set it up


alkal (Discord): its that i cant get it to start and not crash


alkal (Discord): how do i resync my chain?


Kushkah (Discord): For a full resync, go to the ~/.blocknetdx/ folder, then delete only the “blocks” and “chainstate” folders in there. Restart the wallet and it should start resyncing. <@399575739382497281>