Blocknet service nodes setup


alkal (Discord): thanks man. how do i do that in linux? dont know the commands


Kushkah (Discord): cd ~/.blocknetdx/
rm -rf blocks/
rm -rf chainstate/


alkal (Discord): thanks man


Kushkah (Discord): Np, I just woke up but if u need more help I’ll be at a computer in an hour or so, can do more from there lol…


alkal (Discord): thanks once more


ponzinomics (Discord): restarted my snode 20hours ago, still no reward. how long does it take these days to gain 1st reward after restart?


b0y2k (Discord): 18h on mine so sounds in line


b0y2k (Discord): 18h without reward


b0y2k (Discord): node count will increase now that people can run stable ones


b0y2k (Discord): which means longer times/ less rewards


littleeagle (Discord): Yeah, 20 nodes came online all at once this morning


Philip Marshall (Discord): It was 22 hours for me.


Philip Marshall (Discord): But with more nodes might be a bit longer.


ponzinomics (Discord): ok, thx for the replies


Kushkah (Discord): if i’m not running a GUI is there any reason to use the redesign version for the node? or is the difference purely visual?


Kushkah (Discord): assuming it is but figured i’d check


ponzinomics (Discord): first reward arrived after 22,5hours


ponzinomics (Discord): just to let you know


giba711 (Discord): Hi guys, I think that in order to run a node, I need a static ip ( right?) which I have not. Any tips of how I can make my ip static easily (not an IT expert :stuck_out_tongue: ) and free if possible. Thanks.


giba711 (Discord): on windows