Blocknet service nodes setup


canibull (Discord): <@435302996633452545> the easiest way to get a static ip is either call your internet provider or get a vpn with static IP address


giba711 (Discord): I checked with my internet provider, the offer static ip in a business package, I would have to pay twice the price 150 usd/month instead of 75 usd and my speed would shrink from 1 Gbps to 150Mbps :stuck_out_tongue: Not so interesting :stuck_out_tongue: So what’s the best solutions for a vpn ? Amazon aws ?


CryptoXman (Discord): <@435302996633452545> Just use a virtual host like lightsail from amazon.


CryptoXman (Discord): $5-10 bucks a month to start


b0y2k (Discord): VPN with a static IP is a lot cheaper


b0y2k (Discord): you could argue though that under heavy load it might not be as stable though


CryptoXman (Discord): depending on your home internet vs amazon internet connection… just one disconnect to cause your node to go offline and the amount you “saved” will be all wiped out.


Mornas (Discord): hi service node says expired


Mornas (Discord): any help?


Fattox (Discord): did you check the node/process itself is still running?


Fattox (Discord): you can use the servicenode status command on it, and/or check the daemon/QT is still running


MR1 (Discord): Can you guys confirm that the latest build (3.10.5) does not crash on VPS anymore?


MR1 (Discord): Mine crashed again after 5 days.


AlexF (Discord): I’ve had no issues. Win10 3.10.5


b0y2k (Discord): Mine are currently at 5 days 21h will update if i crash <@409259312914104322>


CryptoXman (Discord): no more crashing so far


alkal (Discord): same here


b0y2k (Discord): crashed on dedicated server


alkal (Discord): crashed also


ishkb1 (Discord): Have now set-up a bandwidth limiter on both my servers (the DX systems for my website) as they were starting to consume large network portions. Windows network traffic was at a steady 7mbps which is more than expected. So a quick scan showed that the upload part was a lot more than anticipated. In my snapshot I found Doge consuming peaks of over 1.5 mbps) As I am not entirely sure if windows means megabit or megabyte I still suffered from overal network issues (most likely due to a large number of connections and it being windows). So maybe worth looking into by other node owners and see how their network is behaving.