Blocknet service nodes setup


Fattox (Discord): Already bandwidth limited my whole network per system/subnet since i noticed upload spikes were pretty harsh at times.


MR1 (Discord): My wallet on VPS crashes again 2 days after relaunch


littleeagle (Discord): Seems like the nodes have some kind of memory leak… over time node memory usage increases steadily until the machine is exhausted


littleeagle (Discord): That’s what I’ve been witnessing


littleeagle (Discord): Solution is to have a script monitoring memory usage and restart daemon when it’s getting close to critical


littleeagle (Discord): Or just restart periodically


MR1 (Discord): <@478963911178321921> That only happens to the nodes running on VPS and not to the ones on laptops.


Fattox (Discord): I’ve only noticed a rise in around 10% of RAM over the past week. From 390MB on startup to 440-450MB per daemon currently. According to the devs anything under 600MB is within expectation on a headless (non-GUI) setup.


Fattox (Discord): Strangely this has only happened so far on my VPS instances, though they’ve been up a few days longer than my local server (did an update/reboot). He’s sat at 370MB per daemon after 3-4 days.


b0y2k (Discord): confirmed, nodes still crash over time. It’s longer than before but they still crash


Fattox (Discord): do you have some monitoring information to determine whether the cause is RAM usage?


b0y2k (Discord): I will go check up when im back at my pc <@181639123306545152>


b0y2k (Discord): just had a massive disk io spike, killed the node and rekt my chain…


Fattox (Discord): Wouldn’t call 1.5MB/s a massive spike, doesn’t show actual I/O hits though


Fattox (Discord): That could have just been it closing and writing to logs as it did it


b0y2k (Discord): well it died at that point…


b0y2k (Discord): all other params were ok


b0y2k (Discord): it’s a weird one for sure


Fattox (Discord): Need logs to see if there was anything to indicate what’s happening. It’s near impossible to know otherwise.


b0y2k (Discord): sure