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XnTight (Discord): okey good


XnTight (Discord): hardfork to slit coin


XnTight (Discord): blocknet need hardfork. 5mil sup is tooo small


RicknMortySanchez (Discord): hi <@393670992771284993>


XnTight (Discord): <:sly:408159091454902273>


RicknMortySanchez (Discord): <@393670992771284993> Hi, im from new crypto coin. where to listed on dx?


cryptoved (Discord): <@505209687877353495>


RicknMortySanchez (Discord): hi <@405763084444237828> can u market my coin


Matthijs (Discord): Hats off for the speach👏🏼


life.is.too.shor (Discord): I feel the speech was not well written. Just my honest opinion.


Matthijs (Discord): <@401847835173191691> please explain why


life.is.too.shor (Discord): I hope I got across that there is a difference between minimum viable product, minimum viable ecosystem


life.is.too.shor (Discord): <@352725598357028875> I will post in another thread


littleeagle (Discord): Where can I view the speech?


ponzinomics (Discord): <@478963911178321921> A link to the speech is posted in <#421053449153675275>


ponzinomics (Discord): Blocknet in the front seat! <:blocket:454242839480631307>


littleeagle (Discord): Can someone add us to this: https://github.com/evbots/dex-protocols


littleeagle (Discord): I got blockdx orderbooks added to https://github.com/distribuyed/index


Claire (Discord): Great job Alex and Arlyn! I really liked the speach, especially the comparison with Spotify/Netflix. Non tech people know what it means


Dungor (Discord): That bit was <@405763084444237828> ! And it was great