Discord general discussion


sworks (Discord): https://youtu.be/NDhGs9DGvGU?t=2484


sworks (Discord): DEX chat on CNBC Crypto Trader


FudZero (Discord): hello guys, I’m new here


FudZero (Discord): is xrouter something usable by itself as of now?


FudZero (Discord): if so, where can I find the documentation specific to it?


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@408707595986272279>


Philip Marshall (Discord): https://api.blocknet.co/#introduction <@359355967995117568>


synechist (Discord): <@359355967995117568> also see api.blocknet.co


deltatiger (Discord): What is the plan to kickstart liquidity on blockdx? It is unlikely to happen organically.


Andrey (Discord): I wonder also, volume was really low even on peakes around $500k-600k 24h


Dungor (Discord): Networking with market makers but hopefully the router can also help attract an ecosystem


FudZero (Discord): well, from an extern point of vue, the router is rather obscure


FudZero (Discord): I thought I could install the nodes in my network and route between them using it


FudZero (Discord): seems that it goes through service nodes that have to hold 5k BLOCK, right?


infinity7592 (Discord): yep


FudZero (Discord): so there’s no way to use it locally as I understand


infinity7592 (Discord): u can use it from ur client, but the query is processed by the snodes


FudZero (Discord): ok, now I understand that it mainly operates in SPV mode


infinity7592 (Discord): I’m not sure SPV is the best analogy, but it allows to query cross chain information without having to run these chains


FudZero (Discord): are these instructions for service nodes?