Discord general discussion


FudZero (Discord): https://github.com/BlocknetDX/blocknet-docs/blob/master/blocknetDXtrader-setup.md


FudZero (Discord): first steps…


FudZero (Discord): I was inclined to test the DEX locally…


littleeagle (Discord): <@359355967995117568> xrouter is still a work in progress. The xrouter commands aren’t exposed on an API on the ordinary client


littleeagle (Discord): You would need to switch from the “master” branch to the “dev-xrouter” branch on the blockdx github


littleeagle (Discord): And compile that from source


littleeagle (Discord): Then you might be able to play around with it


littleeagle (Discord): <@359355967995117568> try it and let us know how you get on :stuck_out_tongue:


hanniabu (Discord): <@359355967995117568> also feel free to DM me if you need assistance or have any other questions


FudZero (Discord): thanks guys, will certainly do


littleeagle (Discord): blocknet-mentions channel has got me thinking


littleeagle (Discord): It’s pretty damn effective when we work together like that, synechist’s post already has 5 upvotes and those kind of articles will get read over and over by people who have an interest in interblockchain communication


littleeagle (Discord): Anyway, I was thinking of making a bot which automatically scans all across every reddit post in real time searching for “blocknet” or “block dx” and it would post it to blocknet-mentions?


littleeagle (Discord): So if someone posted even a comment about Block in the aion subreddit for example, or anywhere else, we would get automatically notified immediately by the bot


littleeagle (Discord): We could even expand it, so it automatically posts in a second channel, comments and topics that are “connected” with Blocknet but don’t explicitly mention our name e.g. “decentralized exchange”, “atomic swap” etc


littleeagle (Discord): It would give us a gold mine of stuff anyone in the community can respond to


littleeagle (Discord): What do you think <@373406915696394242>? I’ve got some spare time to do it today if you don’t mind granting a bot permission


tommie boy (Discord): https://www.reddit.com/search?q=blocknet&sort=new


littleeagle (Discord): Good point haha


littleeagle (Discord): It does only search topics tho, not comments