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littleeagle (Discord): But probably good enough


hanniabu (Discord): <@478963911178321921> sounds like a good idea to capitalize on mentions…dm the details


littleeagle (Discord): Ok


cryptoved (Discord): “Interoperability” “dex” “decentralized exchange” “blocknet” “block” would all be good search terms. Think this could be really useful for us :pray:


cryptoved (Discord): Any way to have it crawl for new threads with a mention of one of the search terms, and once a thread or comment has a positive hit, it stops crawling that thread? It might get messy if it finds a popular post that suddenly gets 100 comments and each comment gets pushed to the channel :sweat_smile:


hanniabu (Discord): “block” too aggressive because of ‘block height’, ‘block reward’, or just plain ‘block’


hanniabu (Discord): maybe search for all caps


hanniabu (Discord): ‘BLOCK’


cryptoved (Discord): Or $block ?


hanniabu (Discord): sure, although i don’t think ppl type that outside of twitter lol


cryptoved (Discord): I’ve noticed occasionally coin tickers like that, but yes would be rare for $block


deltatiger (Discord): <@271765108714110986> networking with market makers probably won’t work until you have liquidity on the Dex. We need a strategy to jumpstart the network with network effects. Like picking a single trading pair with high tnx volume but struggling to get listed elsewhere, and simulate a crap ton of demand with boys and community traders (like set a community goal of $100k per day on that pair and give out awards for biggest traders) and then become the dominat trading platform for that pair. It is a full on project that needs to happen. And that is just for a single pair. Cex’s have entire teams doing work like this and it is simply not going to happen organically… No way.


Scott Wehman (Discord): <@416079199670108180>
I am returning to production of the podcast in December and would like to use it to document this process as well as rally participation (contests would draw people in, yes). I haven’t got a clear understanding of the litewallet/multiwallet situation but I think having that in place would be the best bet before undertaking that avenue.


Dungor (Discord): <@416079199670108180> You might very well be right. Thank you. I wonder if we could create some sort of arbitrage bot that could help connect us to orderbooks of centralized exchanges to gain volume.
I’m sure there is a market for buying coins at a bit worse price but not having to deal with CEX KYC documentation and limits


bisky (Discord): i wish i could relay how content i am that you’re here. probably not at my place to say so atm :heart:


bisky (Discord): <@478963911178321921>


littleeagle (Discord): Thanks bisky haha


zubairq (Discord): Hi, I am trying to install the blocknet wallet on OS/X. When I try to download the file I see a bunch of .dbg files. How can I run these from OSX


hanniabu (Discord): <@464788730327203861> I’m not sure what .dgb files you’re referring to. Which of these did you download?

  1. blocknetdx-3.10.5-osx-unsigned.dmg
  2. blocknetdx-3.10.5-osx-unsigned.tar.gz
  3. blocknetdx-3.10.5-osx64.tar.gz


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): We should have presented this photo as well on the EU summit regarding crypto regulation: