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emissary (Discord): I see people inserting NIX into the conversation, wherever you go. It’s really quite impressive. No other privacy tech is doing this, with the possible exception of XHV (but not in an organized fashion).


cryptoved (Discord): If you want to skim through this article, this touches on a lot of the points of how we can be effective in creating better engagement on twitter. See point # 4. With the image that live.fast suggested earlier, that’s a little too off-brand for a Blocknet post, but it’s much more possible to use it as a reply to someone else’s post. Since replies are considered to be direct engagement with one person, and not so much a general statement. Make sense?


bisky (Discord): gentlemen …as much shite as ive


bisky (Discord): flipped you …i know you are worthy :laughing:


bisky (Discord): thank you, cryptoved


ffiivvee (Discord): <@409926710658596865> I could have my buddy talk to him about blocknet specifically as he’s a big part of his campaign here in my part of NY


ffiivvee (Discord): And done. He said he’d pass it on directly to him about blocknet specifically as decentralized exchanges are exactly how Larry views crypto should be.


cryptoved (Discord): that’s great <@333775078825394176>


ffiivvee (Discord): Yes it is. I gave a brief synopsis and my buddy said that’s exactly what he wants


CryptoXman (Discord): <@401857127620149259>


littleeagle (Discord): Auto-mention bot is now live. It scans Reddit in realtime for comments or topic containing Blocknet-relevant phrases


littleeagle (Discord): The idea is specific terms like “blocknet” go in the blocknet-mentions channel and other terms like “atomic swaps” go in the related mentions channel


littleeagle (Discord): For now, everything is posted to related-mentions as it’s still in a Beta phase


littleeagle (Discord): Comments in our Blocknet reddit are skipped by default, but topics are included


littleeagle (Discord): Next, I’m going to do the same thing but scanning Bitcointalk


HighOnLife (Discord): Best article from Blocknet that describes how a truly decentralised exchange works and should contain , can anybody send me a link?? can’t find the one i remember as most adequate.


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): <@336924430431158282> https://medium.com/@theblocknetchannel/understanding-a-decentralized-exchange-eee9e1043f45


HighOnLife (Discord): Yeah, i think that’s the one, thanks <@507543442251972618> !
We don’t have a newer version of that, right?


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): <@336924430431158282> I don’t think so, this was most comprehensive as far as I know


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): the Blocknet directory has some stuff tho