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live.fast.die.youn (Discord): <@336924430431158282> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DnJ9R5YXS-EZ-bKm00CvvP4qC-FVL7fzMzmRXTFTofk/preview#heading=h.y4gadqq8x40f


littleeagle (Discord): Auto-mention bot now also scans all Bitcointalk comments for mentions as they happen in realtime


littleeagle (Discord): Unlike Reddit there’s no API for the data so I have to scrape it


Dungor (Discord): Someone could build a KYC compliant DEX using blocknet as backend. Having permissioned groups of trusted players as 2nd layer


Dafeman (Discord): Jeez, I love your work <@478963911178321921>. No faffing about. Great ideas. Keep it up!


littleeagle (Discord): Thanks <@343330932440170498>! Block is a sleeping monster. We just need to keep moving the needle and pushing awareness


littleeagle (Discord): I have something else I am working on that will indirectly benefit Block


littleeagle (Discord): All will be revealed in due course :wink:


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): <@271765108714110986> current KYC compliance would also require knowing the counter parties. I’ve raised some solutions before that REN and 0x are implementing for this reason:


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): Centralized exchanges subject to regulatory oversight would likely not be able to use Blocknet as their backend because they would not be able to comply with KYC-AML regulations because the counter-parties would be unknown. Other exchange projects like 0x and Republic Protocol are creating segregated permission liquidity pools for this reason. I had previously suggested as something we should look into for future development.


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): There would need to be an ability or only authorized counter-parties to fill orders.


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): I’ve posted more about can just use search


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): I am still unsure with whether Blocknet automatically be able to implement segregated liquidity for ERC20 simply by virtue of the fact that 0x has implement this feature…


littleeagle (Discord): I guess the way to do it is to have multiple order books for each trading pair


littleeagle (Discord): Each pair has a public order book anyone can post orders to and fill


littleeagle (Discord): And then pairs can have optional order books that require a key for an order to be placed or filled


littleeagle (Discord): And an exchange is responsible for policing their order book


littleeagle (Discord): Sounds simple in theory… but most coding things do :stuck_out_tongue:


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): yes, there is still the permissionless blocknet liquidity pool we have now, but certain relayers would have option to only fill orders they deem compliant


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): See here for what 0x has done: