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live.fast.die.youn (Discord): https://blog.0xproject.com/compliant-peer-to-peer-trading-4dab8e5c3162


littleeagle (Discord): Have they actually done it, or are they in the process of doing it


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): They posted this before they releasee their v2.


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): As I understand it v2 has been released


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): so it should have also been released


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): but I have not done detailed research since originally looking into it


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): I am curious to know whether their implementation might make it easier for Blocknet to implement since we are using 0x


littleeagle (Discord): yeah, could be a quick easy win for us if we can leverage 0x for it instead of doing it ourselves


littleeagle (Discord): However, are we even using 0x?


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): that’s also a good question, though I know we are at least using some of their code


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): This is all I know: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xProject/comments/7u4hc2/0x_collaborating_with_the_blocknet/


littleeagle (Discord): <@373406915696394242> Could you please fill us in on the status of the above? Are Block and 0X still collaborating on a draft contract, or has it fizzled out? Thanks


littleeagle (Discord): That is a great partnership


kirayank (Discord): @everyone We have an international cryptoaudience 120к subscribers in telegram channels. We can promote your crypto project to the moon. If anybody interested in it, pls tell me. Admins, tell me pls can i post this in your chat?


MrSamsonite (Discord): https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/9udhnx/theres_a_big_battle_brewing_between_eos_ethereum


vikrants86 (Discord): Thanks <@193963597695680513>. You rock!


MrSamsonite (Discord): <@426205113565315074> No problem Vik. Hows Florida?


vikrants86 (Discord): <@193963597695680513> good thank you. It’s snowing currently, but I’m all bundled up thanks to your generous blanket donations.


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): Welcome <@508042068082425856> and <@461087113287565312>


808 (Discord): Hi all, I’ve posted a message in <#401853138371608587> about the production of a commercial/promo for Block DX. I would like to hear your input :+1: