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littleeagle (Discord): hey <@373406915696394242> , not sure if you missed my question above? :wink:


littleeagle (Discord): To anyone who has been following auto-mention bot, I’ve put some rules in place to skip posts which have words like ICO, bounty, giveaway etc in them


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): Question: why aren’t we having service nodes host all blockchains for the purposes of XRouter?


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): Even though only certain chains are compatible with atomic swaps, wouldn’t all blockchains be compatible with XRouter?


86b (Discord): ^ <@507543442251972618> correct - all part of exciting things coming very soon


live.fast.die.youn (Discord): <@408004538700922880> Niceee :+1:t2: