In-depth discussions


Fattox (Discord): I mean if you have nothing nice to say, why not just say nothing and let a little positively breath in here for a change?

#644 (Discord): I do, I just honestly feel that the speech is not well written and to the extent that it is worth noting


bisky (Discord): seriously, we should be celebrating …life isn’t perfect, nor are we

#646 (Discord): you can celebrate, let me do my thing

#647 (Discord): i’ll keep it in this thread


bisky (Discord): my mom’s boyfriend used to sing me a song when i was pubescent and it goes asomethin’ like this: “every party needs a pooper that’s why we invited you, party poooper! paaarty poooper …” i loved him :frowning:


Fattox (Discord): Well you’re criticising Dungor’s speech, i’m criticising your attitude to everything. Let me do my thing too.

#650 (Discord): alright fair


bisky (Discord): :heart:

#652 (Discord): I will be deleting my Discord account


littleeagle (Discord): <@401847835173191691> Don’t delete. I for one welcome a lot of your criticisms and it’s for the benefit of Block


littleeagle (Discord): The speech is subjective so I’m not agreeing with your take on that


littleeagle (Discord): But you often point out valid stuff and it’s not easy being the one who does that (it paints a red cross on your back as target)


bisky (Discord): he does have good inputs …he was just a little too gruff atm


littleeagle (Discord): We’re all on the same team!


bisky (Discord): he’ll be back :smiley:


littleeagle (Discord): You can check out but you never leave :musical_note:


Scott Wehman (Discord): I believe the speech could have benefitted greatly from a native english speaker collaborating with <@271765108714110986> but it’s water under the bridge. As impressive as his ability is to convey complex technical ideas into a non-native language is, there’s always room for improvement. Two heads are better than one.

Perhaps it’s a lesson for future opportunities.


Dungor (Discord): It was fair critique but know that the speech was very well received. We should as bisky mentioned celebrate this day. This was hugely exclusive. Our brand might be stronger in actual adoption than most of us realize.
I intentionally repeated some points several times. This is annoying when reading but necessary when listening to a 10 min speech.
There are few native English speakers at this meeting and my accent is far from the thickest.
The speech has been under way for several days spread out over 3 weeks in the strategy channel.


Kingbong (Discord): My question is does this have a marketing benefit. How many people have we reached from this and what was the tangible benefit from going? I wasn’t around when this was agreed but it seems like an event for the big players like ETH not a micro small cap coin like us. It’s a decent speech