In-depth discussions


synechist (Discord): This roundtable is about who we influence and who we meet, rather than how many.


synechist (Discord): So… networking, rather than marketing. :fire::fire:


Matthijs (Discord): Quality over quantity😏


giba711 (Discord): <@401847835173191691> <@181639123306545152> I think that Scheduled comments are very pertinent ! A speech to such a prestigious table should be absolutly perfect in every regards. Comments after the facts are seen as a bit rude (instead of cheering the speech). But if Scheduled is more attentive than the average to the way the arguments are layed out (or even the grammar/spelling), let him intervene earlier, before the speech :stuck_out_tongue: Not being a native speaker isn’t an excuse since he represents the whole organisation. <@181639123306545152> 95% of people in the discord don’t speak out, the problem is more the people who don’t cheer the prestation instead of Scheduled that tries to make some constructives comments. <@401847835173191691> Stays in the discord, even if it’s not always liked, we need people like you.


giba711 (Discord): <@271765108714110986> If you are still in Bxl, go the delirium café :stuck_out_tongue: You wont regret it :stuck_out_tongue:


Dungor (Discord): I would like to say that my speech was the 2nd best. The best was the EU committee member that delivered his completely by memory. You should celebrate that blocknet got this exposure. We can leverage it for credibility for more partnerships


bisky (Discord): life is too short as it is without scheduling for deletion :confused:


synechist (Discord): I miss you already <@401847835173191691>


bisky (Discord): i’m sorry :frowning:


Fattox (Discord): <@435302996633452545> Sorry but i didn’t find them constructive, just critical. And i won’t change my opinion on that just because someone who’s being critical decides that they can’t take the same medicine. <:pepeok:423315138108719110>


bisky (Discord): but fattox …there’s a human element here that we must find forgivable. we ARE all fallible :heart:


Fattox (Discord): Oh well, maybe he’ll forgive me and come back.


Fattox (Discord): ¯_(ツ)_/¯


bisky (Discord): lolz …i hope so :nerd_face:


bisky (Discord): you bust me up, dearie


bisky (Discord): it’s really scary when arlyn takes that long to type :stuck_out_tongue:


synechist (Discord): Wahaha!


synechist (Discord): No, this one’s a nice post.


bisky (Discord): i’ll have to take your word for it :heart:


bisky (Discord): ding fattox while you’re at it, he’s offline atm :frowning: i however am patiently waiting :laughing: