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synechist (Discord): Update on my travel plans:
Now that I’m done in Brussels, I’ve decided to go to DevCon 4 in Prague (Ethereum’s huge annual dev conference), and then to Berlin to meet with the founder of Woolf. Since the cheapest return flight is on 4 Nov, I’d initially planned to speak at a couple of meetups, but they were logistically complicated and I think I’d make better use of my time doing these other things.

I’m going to try find a solid C++ Ethereum dev to take our Ethereum work to the next level, I’m going to meet people from many Eth projects, and I’m going to hang out with Chern from Huobi. No doubt many unplannable things will also happen.

I’m doing this with too little notice to submit a funding proposal etc, but if you’d like to help cover the ~EUR 450 it’ll cost, you’re very welcome to send BLOCK to BWbeCbSx7asfAVJu46MCfkRoVmu4y5ERKG


bisky (Discord): can you equate that 450 EU to block?


bisky (Discord): i probably don’t want to know :frowning:


synechist (Discord): Looks like about 130 BLOCK


bisky (Discord): address?


synechist (Discord): BWbeCbSx7asfAVJu46MCfkRoVmu4y5ERKG


Scott Wehman (Discord): <@271765108714110986> Just curious:

The speech has been under way for several days spread out over 3 weeks in the strategy channel.

Is that a public channel, though?


Dungor (Discord): <@409926710658596865> no in the strategy channel we didn’t know who we were up against and what we could share until just before.


Jazzy (Discord): My 2c on some of <@401847835173191691>'s criticism, having not yet listened to the speech, in isolation none of those issues sound that bad and IMO make sufficient sense in the context of the event, even if not fully introduced in the speech. Also on the topic, we’re still kind of shit at dealing with criticism. Even if people perceive it as unconstructive, arguing about the criticism just pits people against each other. <@271765108714110986> doesn’t need defending, and like many similar things arguing over how something was said it far less useful than considering the feedback and potentially negatively influencing by taking time and attention to discuss it (and the consequences that we see come from that).


Dafeman (Discord): After reading the speech but before seeing this discussion I also had similar thoughts as <@401847835173191691>. Water under the bridge. Sounds like some great networking went on! What an impressive list of attendees.


Dungor (Discord): There was fair points in his critique. But the speech was very well received and one of the better at the event. Our core message about interoperability got through. But there were lessons to learn and I will consider it if another opportunity like this comes up.


bisky (Discord): storminj et al …i should never have taken that toke off the dube after the two snifters of grand marnier …i was being a paranoid bitch, i know ultimately you are right and i am hugely grateful for that. again lits and laredo, my apoligies :frowning:


bisky (Discord): but please don’t get me started on cryptqueen :stuck_out_tongue: over and out :heart:


CryptQueen (Discord): <:rolf:489143275576360989> have another toke <@399251519976898570>


bisky (Discord): step your right foot in


Kingbong (Discord): i have some feedback


Kingbong (Discord): Text not showing right there


Kingbong (Discord): Bad layout there


Kingbong (Discord): also subscribe button needs to have an option to close it


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