In-depth discussions


Kingbong (Discord): These are all from the phore portal that’s deemed ready for feedback


Kingbong (Discord): Looks like amateur hour


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@408136518188924929>


Philip Marshall (Discord): Looks fine to me. is that from a mobile?


shane (Discord): Great feedback <@459735671066853386>! What phone OS and browser are you using? Andoid with Brave works for me.


Kingbong (Discord): Latest iPhone thanks


shane (Discord): <@459735671066853386> we aren’t able to reproduce the layout issue on Safari. What browser are you using?


emissary (Discord): I notice the coin hub includes wallet links for the Block and PHR. To me that’s one of the best features of the coin hub, but whenever I have suggested offering links to wallets, I have been told it’s not secure for blocknet to provide this. Why is providing wallet links secure with regards to coin hub?


emissary (Discord): When I click on the Block DX tab, I see on the right side below the description some information about config files and a link to written instructions. This is ADVANCED material, but unless you read the burb carefully it’s not clear this isn’t required reading and the config codes aren’t required either. The layout puts all this advanced stuff in your face, and it’s not clearly marked as not necessary.


emissary (Discord): I can’t tell if everything on the Block DX tab for PHR isn’t advanced material? Even the videos? I am not sure someone using the automated wizard needs to look at any of this.


emissary (Discord): Yes. The videos show the old way of configuring a wallet. All the material on DX tab would serve only to confuse most users.


emissary (Discord): Where is the DX tab for the average user who wants to know about using PHR on the DX. Maybe there should be 2 tabs, DX and DX advanced.


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@328976529193435136> great feedback :pray: thanks! <@408136518188924929> FYI


shane (Discord): Agreed <@328976529193435136>. Thanks for the feedback and I’ll be re-designing that page to communicate clearly :+1:

#717 (Discord): Something needs to change with respect to how the Portals are accessed. You need to click specifically on the words of the coin and it’s not clear unless you mouse over that they are hyperlinked or once you know they are where they would take you. I’d suggest getting rid of the “+” sign drop-down menu and making it so that when you click anywhere in the row it takes you to the “about” page for that coin and put the short summary that was in the drop-down at the top of the about page. From there the user can navigate to the newsfeed and other tabs. I would also suggest making the rows change colour as you mouse over them so it’s clear they are hyperlinked.


Fattox (Discord): Agreed on that last point <@408136518188924929> ^


shane (Discord): Love the feedback <@507543442251972618> :+1: We’ll make accessing the Portals more evident.


sworks (Discord): <@408136518188924929> <@507543442251972618> Agree, i had to take second look to find the “Portals” access


emissary (Discord): It’s not good that it’s actually 2 clicks to access the coin’s about page. First click drops down somebody’s description of the coin (which probably tells me less than I already know). Second click takes me to the coin’s page. The info needs to be one click away.


emissary (Discord): Also, there needs to be a chart for each coin. Maybe if the first click displayed the chart it could be justified.