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emissary (Discord): Also, and this is a big one: coins’ rankings are not provided. Ranking is one of the most useful statistics about a coin, because it tells you a coin’s relative position within the crypto universe. A better coin market cap would plot change in rank over time.


shane (Discord): Currently you can click on the logo, title, or “>” to get to the Portal, or you can click “Portal” in the dropdown. We’ll find a way to better streamline :+1:

#725 (Discord): I’d agree with <@328976529193435136> emissary that the drop-down does not add much value to the end user. I also find it kind of annoying to use because you need to minimize it once you’ve maximized it down

#726 (Discord): I think the goal should be to get as many people to the portals as possible. People wont necessarily be on the page specifically looking for “portals” so you need to make it as fool proof as possible to get there

#727 (Discord): Have row highlight when they mouse over it bright user is like “ooo i can click this wonder what happens”

#728 (Discord): then they click it

#729 (Discord): and boom they are in the portal

#730 (Discord): I think the trade-off of removing drop-down is worth the benefit of ensuring everyone is sure to click into portal

#731 (Discord): even an icon that says portal, people may not click because they don’t undertstand what it is… you almost have to trick them

#732 (Discord): this is just some more context as to the reasoning for the suggestion above


emissary (Discord): If the drop down goes, then there needs to be a column for ticker symbol. I think coin “category” doesn’t need to be a column. Coin rank needs to be added as a column though.

#734 (Discord): I agree with those too ^


emissary (Discord): And if there isn’t going to be a chart, there should be a link to some other service’s chart for the coin. Trading view? Could even be CMC. I need a chart. :smiley:

#736 (Discord): perhaps the coin portal could have a trading/chart section page eventually

#737 (Discord): I think it would make sense to have it as the main landing page of the portal

#738 (Discord): could even pull info from block dx eventually too

#739 (Discord): mini charts would be cool for the rows of the hub though, without needing a drop down


cryptoved (Discord): To be honest, I like <@478963911178321921> ‘s work a lot on how he set up Very clean, not cluttered, user friendly. I’m curious if he has any suggestions on how the coin portals could be set up, with the user experience being our main focus


Dungor (Discord): One company I have connected with here at the event specialize in verifying partnerships.
I feel that partnerships is something we could do better. Also it is something we don’t have a clear “in-house” competence for. We are pushing contributors into a role of trying to do partnerships on the side of where they provide the most value for their time spent.
What are you guys thoughts about looking into getting consultancy or even outsourcing attracting legit partnerships for our project?

#742 (Discord): I think we would first need to have a specific goal on a particular type of partnership with a certain type of entity before paying a consultancy. It would likely be a waste of money to pay them to to try and find us any random partnership. We would need to go to them and say these are the exact areas/ideas we have for a partnership, find them for us