In-depth discussions

#743 (Discord): what is the name of the card you got? you previously said the “vet” partnerships? that sounds different than finding?

#744 (Discord): I think it valuable to start thinking about/discussing ideas for partnerships to figure out exactly what we need/want

#745 (Discord): a third party can be valuable for finding/connecting, but the ideas likely need to come from us. Third parties would have more limited understanding than us. Before considering consultancy I think we as a community need to come up with valuable/target partnerships ideas.


cryptoved (Discord): Where we don’t excel is at creating and nurturing partnership opportunities. For example, I brought a partnership lead to the team about 5 months ago, but there was little follow-up. The company announced this week a new partnership with one of our competitors.


cryptoved (Discord): Not pointing fingers, but either we’re not good at solidifying partnerships, or we don’t have enough time to focus on this area, or it’s not given the proper priority it should be given.


emissary (Discord): A couple PIVX guys started a “partnerships alliance” and built a website and so on to manage them. The devs concern was always about partnerships being a drain on their time. But having point person to manage this aspect may be worthwhile, as <@405763084444237828> is suggesting.

#749 (Discord): what partnership is that <@405763084444237828> ?


cryptoved (Discord): I’m not sure I should say…it’s still an excellent possibility to come through for us…


emissary (Discord): I think makes sense to onboard a partnerships person, than to use a consultancy. Because don’t you need the continuity? Anyway I think of consultant as being short term.

#752 (Discord): Synechist seems to be fairly active at networking partnerships. I don’t feel like there is a huge influx of potential partnerships at this time that need nurturing. But to have someone officially responsible /accountable in that regard would be good


emissary (Discord): There is the danger of getting involved with scammers, or a partnership’s director taking kickbacks in return for promoting collaboration with an ICO scam.


cryptoved (Discord): I’ve brought multiple opportunities that haven’t been pursued. My problem is that I can make good connections, but I don’t have the technical knowledge, so I need to pass on the conversation to someone who can talk integration. But our devs seem to be more interested/focused on pure development. Which is great, but we need a better balance. We need partners in order to thrive.


emissary (Discord): What’s the difference between a client and a partner?


emissary (Discord): Is partner just another word for customer?

#757 (Discord): client is a one way relationship

#758 (Discord): partner suggests a common goal / mutual benefit

#759 (Discord): <@405763084444237828> have one day per month scheduled that focuses on partnerships. Devs follow current partnerships, reach out to new potential ones etc.

#760 (Discord): good way to keep communication ongoing

#761 (Discord): and before each scheduled partnerships day someone prepares and list of things that need attention, so devs can be as efficient as possible

#762 (Discord): <@373406915696394242> thoughts ^?