In-depth discussions

#763 (Discord): have someone take minutes if discussion from the last partenrship day too


emissary (Discord): There needs to be screening. So easy to get a list of potential partners, ICOs in an early state of development, ventures not worth the time.

#765 (Discord): There should be a scehduled monthly team meeting anyway if not already…


cryptoved (Discord): IMO, partnerships are HIGH priority. I’m going to a talk on Monday where I’m going to try to connect with a great influencer ( ) Alex Nascimento, who will be part of the Interoperability talk at Blockchain Expo later this month. I had Open Music Initiative (see my blog post from the IBM Blockchain summit) interested in connecting with us. If we had solidified a relationship with OMI before my event on Monday, I could mention that to Alex. But again, I haven’t been able to get anyone to follow through with me.

I have been able to make some progress. Fattox started a Trello board to help us keep track of partnership opportunities. I think that could help us a lot. I agree that we should have a day dedicated to discussing partnerships. But my preference would be to have a weekly discussion–maybe an hour or two. Because networking needs to be constantly nurtured. All of our leads will die if we only connect once a month.

#767 (Discord): There should be a scheduled monthly team meeting anyway… then specific agenda line items can be discussed updated

#768 (Discord): I’m sure everyone is communicating all the time, but a scheduled meeting adds some formality to the mix and forces specific agenda items to be discussed


emissary (Discord): The only partnership of which I’m aware is with NIX. Speaking of which, maybe there are ways that partnership could be broadened. They are starting to get some attention, and BLocknet should be riding the same wave.

#770 (Discord): syscoin too


emissary (Discord): That one too. Good point.

#772 (Discord): maybe that stable coin too 86b mentioned


emissary (Discord): Deepening and broadening existing partnerships could be as effective as hunting new ones.


cryptoved (Discord): The team doesn’t consider me part of the core team, so I have no idea if there’s any kind of team meetings/calls. I’m still kept out of most private channels (which seems ridiculous to me since I’m working in marketing, and I don’t know what’s going on with development any more than the general public). Agree there should be scheduled meetings.


cryptoved (Discord): Deepening and broadening existing partnerships could be as effective as hunting new ones.
Absolutely. :100:


cryptoved (Discord): Agree there should be scheduled meetings.
I’ve tried to get us to do more weekly public interactions, but I don’t have much influence it seems

#777 (Discord): I know that I reached out to syscoin at the time of that interview and asked them if they were interested in announcing a formal partnership and collaborating on a article announcement and they were very interested. I passed on info. Not sure if that article is being worked on? maybe they are waiting for syscoin to be fully integrated with XRouter


cryptoved (Discord): passed it on to Hanni? or…?

#779 (Discord): Yah hanni for sure, and then maybe shane, 86b too I think too, can’t remember

#780 (Discord): gave them the e-mail of team etx


cryptoved (Discord): that’s where we need refinement/improvement. It gets dropped from initial contact to the follow-through

#782 (Discord): I assume they are just waiting to write article, since it sounds like atc working on XRouter stuff for Sys…