In-depth discussions

#783 (Discord): But yah it’s been a while

#784 (Discord): we could have written an article to announce partnership

#785 (Discord): then another when integration complete etc.

#786 (Discord): <@405763084444237828> maybe you should follow-up with team in your marketing capacity and see if we can get some syscoin partnership announcenmetns/content pushed out


emissary (Discord): Do we need to clone Hanni? A lot of stuff has to go through him, and there is only one.


cryptoved (Discord): true emissary. I think that’s probably the issue. Not enough time for him to do everything

#789 (Discord): I just looked back on my message with syscoin, they said:

#790 (Discord): I'll ask if we can do a formal partnership!

#791 (Discord): then came back with

#792 (Discord): That is a definite yes.


emissary (Discord): Should official partnerships be ratified by snodes? That would be symbolic, and something to publicize.


Dungor (Discord): <@507543442251972618> I hope so


Dungor (Discord): It could be just partnerships verification. But I wanted to get opinions on looking for a full service provider for thid


Fattox (Discord): <@328976529193435136> That was meant to be Baron’s role when he was hired, didn’t go that way though. But yes we could do with another Hanni, still.

#797 (Discord): <@271765108714110986> :male_detective:


Dungor (Discord): :heart_eyes:

#799 (Discord): worth keeping the connection going for sure


Dungor (Discord): Yea don’t give up on us just yet. We can all get better. No-one on the team is acting malicious. Let’s identify lessons in a constructive way and help build best practices for the project

#801 (Discord): :blush:

#802 (Discord): what is their name?