In-depth discussions

#803 (Discord): the company?


Dungor (Discord): Cointellegince it’s not their main business but we can talk with them about if it is something they can help with or if they know some one


emissary (Discord): <@181639123306545152> Indeed. Trouble was that Baron was not the person for such a supporting office role. His talents lay in another direction entirely. The hiring should begin with Hanni and team describing what’s needed, and then hiring someone with those skills and mindset who is super efficient.

#806 (Discord): Just thinking out loud but perhaps Hanni needs to delegate more

#807 (Discord): Rather than having another role


emissary (Discord): We’re talking about need to provide Hanni with an assistant to delegate stuff to.


emissary (Discord): Presumably, part of this hire’s job would be partnerships.


emissary (Discord): Or maybe the idea would be to free Hanni to do more on partnerships…

#811 (Discord): Yah same idea, offloading to others is he goal


synechist (Discord): A lot of this stuff could be done well by a business development person.


synechist (Discord): (Who’d also do way better than me at conferences!)


synechist (Discord): I don’t think we have superblock funds for a new (and major) role, but I really wish we had someone who gets a kick out of “networking” and following up all these leads.


Dungor (Discord): The funds problem is an issue that we have to look into. I will take it up in strategy


bisky (Discord): it’s weird how we have witnessed the transgression of lits …but obviously a necessary evolution <:homer:408161955975528448>


bisky (Discord): i am so sorry, gentlemen. i only come here anymore when i’m already two sheets to the wind :heart: