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canibull (Discord):


cryptoved (Discord): Thanks for posting this <@388437081430687745> !


Eazy G (Discord): Good little article that <@388437081430687745> we don’t actually do a single thing on that list :joy: we should start.


canibull (Discord): In regards to the shwag, we should have a supply of blocknet goodies to handout at events. We could get candy bars made with blocknet logos with a QR code on the inside of the wrapper with a small amount of block loaded on it. At least enough to cover a small trade fee, to incentivize them to use the dx


canibull (Discord): If someone could make a clone of this website and make it compatible with blocknet, we could handout block in person with no risk of wasting block on people that don’t redeem it


Scott Wehman (Discord): That is a really good article.


Eazy G (Discord): <@478963911178321921> said this the other day… “Are there any other websites I can make whilst I’m bored? lol” maybe he will be up for it? :thinking:


Scott Wehman (Discord): I would be open to having the podcast support those types of efforts.


Eazy G (Discord): Regarding a tip bot. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone built a tipbot that you can tip any coin and it gets converted to whatever you want. Using blocknet protocol of course :sunglasses:


Philip Marshall (Discord): Very good idea.


Scott Wehman (Discord): How difficult would that be to implement?


Scott Wehman (Discord): Could the tips boost the volume on Block DX as well?

#14 (Discord): The protocol needs functional liquidity before it could actually work though

#15 (Discord): They have centralized tip bots that so that I believe

#16 (Discord): I don’t think it would be the type of thing to drive use of protocol because of currently liquidity issues that would prevent conversion in other currencies and because tipping is not the type of thing that requires 0 counter-party risk and decentralized order books

#17 (Discord): I think centralized alternatives will prevail for tipping until blocknet protocol is so widely used for exchange of value that just easier and better to use it than not use it

#18 (Discord): I think that a retweet of this might get some retweets:

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