Marketing and all such things

#21 (Discord): add something about how Blocknet has been hard at work doing development work

#22 (Discord): and how the crypto-community is growing stonger


Matthijs (Discord): Something like ‘Bear market… Bull development!’ :raised_hands::rocket:


Dungor (Discord): (attenborough voice) In this thread, we can see an account with 29 followers attacking an account with a MUCH larger count. This is known as “clout chasing”. Whereas it doesn’t work often, the chaser has little skin in the game. /attenborough


Dungor (Discord): When we attack a larger exchange


mav137 (Discord): Guys, whats a good analog for owning a servicenode? I’m making a statement to the bank for a mortgage and I need a catchy analog to point them towards the potential of the tech without having to write an academic paper on how blockchain works


mav137 (Discord): owning a vending machine? a toll gate?


BlockingJay (Discord): <@408136518188924929> when is the 4chan army forming?


BlockingJay (Discord): lets do it #shillarmy


ishkb1 (Discord): In dutch law the node will be regarded as income by labour. So if you just fill in a tax form and show revenue it will be enough (just an fyi, it will be regarded as income by labour even if you do not have a registered company)


ishkb1 (Discord): The advantage however will be that you can also profit from tax deduction if you have it as a registered company. But you will need to look at the details


ishkb1 (Discord): If you were just staking, the bank would regard it as divident and you only need to pay the box 3 taxes over your wealth


ishkb1 (Discord): <@349876516991008769>


ishkb1 (Discord): Also assume that your bank does not comprehend anything related to crypto. So adding this to a mortgage request will give you a lit of issues you might not be looking for


mav137 (Discord): Thanks man, that’s not really what my question was about. I appreciate the detailed response though. The situation is a bit different than you explain. I’ve had a very long talk with my accountant about it. Basically it’s all box 3, even if you run nodes. We can take it to the dutch channel if you want, but I’m packed with getting all the bankforms done at this point, so I might respond at at later time


shane (Discord): <@490014327118495746> Currently we aren’t focused on “officially” creating a 4chan shill army, BUT we can help support any community driven initiatives to reach out to other platforms like 4chan.

We are making great progress on our Media Library of templates and digital assets, which can by used by anyone to create Blocknet centric graphics for different outreaches. If while the team can be focused on the professional side of marketing, which can help in the areas like B2B and developer adoption, we would be excited to work with community driven campaigns to reach different platforms like 4chan :+1:


Eazy G (Discord): What ever happened to coin a day? Have we run out of new coins to add?


aderks (Discord): <@345499050679730176> last I checked there was 20ish to announce. Should be a couple more to announce, that are community requests we’re working on.


Eazy G (Discord): Oh, I must have missed that bit on the word on the block article. Thanks for the info.


Scott Wehman (Discord): Just came across this, it’s very high quality, smart content.

I suggested he reach out to Blocknet re: an interview episode.