Marketing and all such things


bisky (Discord): i was hearing two people trying to talk above each other …maybe try is an assumption. regardless, the quality doesn’t hold a candle to yours :heart:


Dungor (Discord): I think the coinhub could use some material like this. It could show how blocknet support not only public blockchains but is a router also to private chain forks of public chains


Dungor (Discord): Most PoCs are still on private chains. Get them early as an connector between their existing architecture and blockchains for their PoC. That could help when they move to IOC on a public chain to fund their consortium

#44 (Discord): You are often referring to a potential relationship between xRouter and private blockchains.

#45 (Discord): To my understanding xRouter basically just allows you to query a blockchain that is supported by our service nodes for certain calls

#46 (Discord): What sort of real world tangible applications do you see xRouter being used for private blockchains?

#47 (Discord): Because when I think of monetizing xRouter, I see the potential customer as being as follows:

#48 (Discord): 1) Someone who needs provably truthful information and not “good enough truthful”
2) Someone who would rather pay a fee than download the blockchain

#49 (Discord): So my concern or thought is do these private chains actually need provably truth information and why wouldn’t a private chain just have the blockchain downloaded since they are private anyway

#50 (Discord): I also wonder about private chains since our nodes would need to run the blockchains to support them, if they are private then those who can run nodes are usually restricted?

#51 (Discord): And what information would these private chains actually need that xRouter could provide


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Dungor (Discord): Inspiration. I think we can explain ours better, but we can’t match their frequency of repeating their message


Claire (Discord): Are there any plans to target the asian market?


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@419175790295515136> yes. We have an article in the wings that mentions Asian markets and the bans some of those countries have. It’s Undergoing checks with <@408136518188924929>


Claire (Discord): <@401857127620149259> great! Looks like they could use a good DEX<:sly:408159091454902273>


fjyork (Discord): I wonder how big the “donation” must be to be taken serious. Maybe we could contact them?


mav137 (Discord): This is a good opportunity to get some visibility. Have a fundraiser from within the community and propose a charity to send the funds to.


sworks (Discord): 1 to 6 million will take a while to raise on a whip round


emissary (Discord): They are behaving strangely. Probably wise to stay clear of that exchange.