Marketing and all such things


mamaringo (Discord): I Can say alot of bad things about komodo and technologic the / frontend design Blocknet is way bette But 2 things they are extreamly effektive and way better then Blocknet is their way of doing marketing and scaling the project


mamaringo (Discord): Fx attract good developers, marketting and get community involved is of cause their strategy but olso with bounties, Competition and priceses to win


mamaringo (Discord): Fx this one


mamaringo (Discord): There are so many skilled persons out there but we need to incentive Them to develop and comstribute to Blocknet clear guide lines


mamaringo (Discord): How about a content for building the most advanced Daap on blocknet?


mamaringo (Discord): And maybe a competition of how Can build the Best an app multiwallet with build in DX spv a 1st Price a node 5000 blocks or something like that


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@408136518188924929> FYI above.


shane (Discord): <@379027045130436609> Thanks for the feedback. Check my recent post in <#421053449153675275> to see what current marketing projects we are working on :+1:


littleeagle (Discord): Looks great


sworks (Discord): <@408136518188924929> thanks for the update.
Question - is coin portals a paid service or free? If paid can you elaborate on the mode, thank you


shane (Discord): It’s a free service we are creating to engage the communities of other projects :+1:


Dungor (Discord): Speaking for myself here, I would love to see a fremium model for the coin portal. I see the potential but we need to get an active community first and pricing has to be fair and paid features not too strong


CryptQueen (Discord): <@408136518188924929> any ETA on the long term roadmap and coin portals? can you elaborate on coin portals and how it’s going to help market the block protocol? Is this basically coinmarketcap 2.0?


shane (Discord): <@494211436436783104> While CMC is focused on CEX markets and price, we are focused on community tools. A news/social media aggregator is our first tool, allowing you to see all the activity of the project from one screen. We also have the groundwork laid for bounty marketplace, which would allow community members to participate in marketing and dev initiatives. By creating tools that we need for our own community, Coin Portals allows us to release them for every other community as well. We aren’t competing with CMC with tracking CEX markets, we are about real time project information and community participation.


emissary (Discord): Blocknet will have the best real time info about wallets and blockchains. A lot of which <@408290925576585218> has put together. It seems to me this is something no other project can duplicate, and could be make it unique.


Dungor (Discord): The reason <@408136518188924929>'s work is so important is that while our developers are building the product, shane is building the ecosystem. The ecosystem that will help build our user base that in turn will bring customers and revenue


Dungor (Discord): This strategy is a gamble as it is a differentiator in the market. We are not copying other projects but rather going our own way. I believe it is the right strategy for marketing.
We are still gonna need other marketing initiatives also, but the coin portal is a great value adding service that we might even be able to turn into a revenue stream down the line


emissary (Discord): It’s certainly ambitious. I think the challenge with such a service is maintaining it. I assume it would aim to cover hundreds of projects, and that would be a lot of work for someone to keep up with.


emissary (Discord): What is the plan to maintain this ecosystem?

#80 (Discord): it’s an aggregator so I suppose it would pull information from outside existing sources. I also believe the intention is the respective coins would maintain their own portals