Marketing and all such things


emissary (Discord): <@271765108714110986> I thought you were an advocate of metrics and team members taking it upon themselves to keep the community, particularly the snode-execustives informed. I don’t see your comments here as reflective of that vision.


emissary (Discord): If you insist then write a 10 block proposal and get it voted through to prioritize it. I simply can’t reconcile this statement with your overall philosophy, which I have found persuasive.


Dungor (Discord): I am, Shane has shown reports of the effect of the coin announcement which is part of this strategy.
Shane has been the most communicative member about his strategy and effort.

This seems like a witch hunt


Kingbong (Discord): Surely my questions are basic ones? It’s not like Shane is snowed under here with community questions that need his attention either

You’re being a bit heavy accusing me of a witch hunt


emissary (Discord): Shanes strategy has measurably worked
Shane has been the most communicative member about his strategy and effort.


Dungor (Discord): Yup my opinion. As I said I only represent my own views. And those are that if you want the work it would take to compile this material prioritized then make a proposal. It takes less than 10 minutes to do so.


Dungor (Discord): Or you can keep bugging him in a public channel but you won’t win my sympathy doing that


emissary (Discord): <@271765108714110986> And I can’t reconcile your opinions with your philosophy of decentralized governance, where team members take it upon themselves to educate the service nodes about their roles and responsibilities and the projects over which they preside. Which is exactly what other members of this discussion appear to be seeking. How is this a witch hunt?


emissary (Discord): <@271765108714110986> You are saying that the onus is on the community to seek this information through votes, that the team members are not responsible to help keep the community up to speed. I had thought you believed strongly in the latter. I guess I was mistaken.


emissary (Discord): It’s my understanding that part of <@408136518188924929>'s job is being able to answer these kinds of questions. I don’t think it should require a vote or proposal.


Dungor (Discord): Sure educate, but there has been so much information shared about this already. We have to strike a balance:
<@328976529193435136> what do you base it on that it is part of his assignment to answer these questions? Was it mentioned in his proposals?


emissary (Discord): Question #2. Where is the project specification? <@408136518188924929> could answer, “here it is (link),” or “we don’t have one,” or “I could put one together, but project will be finished next week so kind of pointless”. But an answer shouldn’t require a proposal and voting.


emissary (Discord): @emissary what do you base it on that it is part of his assignment to answer these questions? Was it mentioned in his proposals? It’s about the culture I thought you wanted to create, it’s not about what was in this or that proposal.


Dungor (Discord): I still want that culture, I see this approach as a conflict moving towards that culture, that’s why I’m in here taking a perhaps unpopular stance. But to me this has the nature of a witch hunt and I think it’s the wrong way to go about it.
Petitesse - it’s a french word we use in Danish, does it also work in English? There has to be a minimum


emissary (Discord): To translate, you’re saying you see pettiness, and I must disagree. I feel in the dark about the marketing side. Others seem similarly confused, and we’re trying to get a picture of where things stand. What do others feel about the situation, would be good to have perspectives from people like @haniablu <@408004538700922880> to get a better picture of the state of things.


Dungor (Discord): But let me ask you. Should the team members be available for any questions about their doing at short notice? Would you like to work under those conditions? I wan’t involvement not surveillance.
The coinhub is not a new idea. It has been shared many times. Shane has sought my advice in the strategy channel on this and I support the strategy fully, I have mentioned before that I’m even proud on his behalf coming up with this as I see it synergize well with our other offerings and initiatives related to it has already shown results that you can read out of the marketing reports.
Hours spend… his personal count of hours. Shane works some 60-80 hours on this project each week, if you start counting hours maybe he will realize that he should to. Other expenses are accounted for in the spreadsheet.


Dungor (Discord): <@328976529193435136> Stepping back from this concrete discussion. I think we land again at that we don’t have a clearly defined process for product lifecycle management. Also we don’t have all the reporting in place that we should have regarding this. How we get to market should be optimized if we are ever to be anything but a startup with a dream.

I don’t see us having the bandwith to define this currently but here is to hoping that will change in some time


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@328976529193435136> Shane provided an in depth run down on what is happening with marketing in tidbits last week.


Philip Marshall (Discord): `KingbongYesterday at 7:03 PM
I would prefer to see more traditional marketing routes pursued’. Traditional marketing is continuing but much of it has yet to be made public. Certainly the things I have been working on. Also coin announcements brought us a great deal of followers. These will also continue. One approach of marketing is not exclusive of the other.


Kingbong (Discord): So what is the appropriate way to ask for the hours spent so far, date of launch and the project specification?
I would assume part of Shane’s job includes providing regular updates. Is he really spending more than 5% of his time responding to questions in here?