Marketing and all such things


synechist (Discord): I’d say submit a proposal. I respect your wish for transparency, but Shane is already very transparent.
As dungor said, there’s no formal framework to define how transparent is “enough”, so unless something like this is put forward (and I see significant inefficiencies in bureaucratising like this), you will have to respect the interpersonal and vague leanings of those you’re expecting something of.
A less polite way to say this is “don’t just come up with expectations on the spot with no precedent and no obvious basis for their validity; they’re just subjective. Rather feel your way into this gently please.”


CryptQueen (Discord): "We are “xx”% complete. If things go well we plan to launch in “insert date, quarter etc”.

Fill in the blanks to reduce time.

Apparently this is hard to answer, ill put in a proposal tonight.


Kingbong (Discord): Great! Thanks so much for that. How long until the proposal gets passed/rejected?


CryptQueen (Discord): I’m glad to waste 10 block on this. Maybe i’ll put in another proposal to swell my ego as well.


shane (Discord): For this month I am in India and working remotely, thus in a different time zone. It would appear a lot has transpired when I needed to step away for the evening. It’s late now, but here are my thoughts before calling it a night.

  1. Coin Portals are being QAed by the team as we speak. They have been providing feedback, and tweaks will be made. I think the 31st is a reasonable goal to reveal to the community.

  2. Spec wise, we wanted a scalable data infrastructure that would allow us to easily add new projects and automate their integration into any future services we create for the Coin Hub. Below is the original data spec Hanni and I created of what we should have for each coin/project. This was the original spec that started the conversation going, and “spec” has since matured naturally through conversations, trello, email, etc… as projects do.

  3. Since May the website has been built with Coin Portal components in mind, so giving specific hours on Coin Portal development is difficult to do. Up through September, I could say around 140 hours have been focused on Coin Portals themselves. We’ve been conservatively developing these features and to remain frugal, we aired on the side of taking time instead of dropping more resources. If someone believes the strategy should be to increase resources to launch features faster, feel free to drop feedback-- but we’ve been airing on the side of conserving resources, while still moving forward.

It’s very unfortunate that this conversation was started with accusations, misinformation, and negativity from the start. It’s a very impractical and time consuming way to ask questions. It’s 1:40am, so I’m signing off.


bisky (Discord): thank you shane, i feel compelled to apologize on behalf of the community :frowning: you do fabulous work :heart:


CryptQueen (Discord): He’ll be fine <@399251519976898570> … I don’t think anyone was discrediting his work. Just asking pretty easy fair questions IMO. anyways…


bisky (Discord): the way the questions were presented were seriously reminiscent of unhappy times past <@494211436436783104>


Kingbong (Discord): Yes I prefaced my questions with a short negative opinion of the marketing project… Is there a rule where I can’t say I think something is a bad idea?
Thanks for the answers, that’s exactly what I wanted.
Probably my last post and I’m back to lurking from behind my nodes


CryptQueen (Discord): Only happy thoughts are allowed <@459735671066853386> . Nice we lost another one back to lurking! Instead of 9/300 talkers we go back to the 8/300. :ok_hand: :+1:


emissary (Discord): I want to thank fellow members of the community that took the time to ask questions that I also shared. By the negative reaction to their questions, one might think marketing had been the subject of constant harping from the community, but this has not been the case.


emissary (Discord): At least not in my experience. I believe questions are healthy.


synechist (Discord): I think some people are strawmanning what went wrong here.

It’s absolutely not that you can’t say something is a bad idea. It’s also not that only happy thoughts are allowed.

Rather, what went wrong is in the way questions were asked and the way Shane was treated. It’s an interpersonal vice, not a personal one. So think all you want, and ask any question, but if you do so in ways that are demanding, or accusatory, or mistrustful, you will break faith with who you’re requesting something of, and the conversation will almost always break down the way it did here.

Please practice interpersonal virtue, folks. It’s the only thing keeping us distinct from the troll-infested swamps of most of the rest of crypto.

#134 (Discord): Fair but looking at the other side, I find that responses from the team to questions can at times be overly defensive.

#135 (Discord): As well the allegation of spreading misinformation not really warranted as the issue of how much time was spent on coin hub was posed as a question (he asked with a question mark whether it was most of?).

#136 (Discord): it’s not fair to call this misinformation particularly when shane is really the only good source of that information

#137 (Discord): an only source of information, can’t really fairly deflect a question as misinformation without answering the question.

#138 (Discord): You can;t expect people to know what you’ve never told them

#139 (Discord): Just giving you the otherside, because there are ALWAYS two sides


Matthijs (Discord): Pricey😯