Marketing and all such things


Philip Marshall (Discord): Very interesting.


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@428216853681405952> Arlyn will now be attending.


808 (Discord): Hi guys,

I want to start producing a 15/20 seconds commercial-like promo for Block DX and want this to be a collaboration with the community.

Before I can develop a script we need to have a couple of questions answered.

  1. Who are we talking to (target audience)?
  2. How are we talking to them? (With a video, yes :wink: but I mean what is the tone of voice)?
  3. Who are we (Blocknet)?
  4. Why should people use the product (Block DX)?
  5. What is the call to action?

The answers might be obvious, but experience has learned that the answers can vary a lot depending on who you’re asking. Please let me know your ideas.

From here I want to develop the script and provide script-versions to you for feedback.

The production schedule and thus delivery date needs to be somewhat flexible. I need to schedule the production besides other marketing / design tasks.


cryptoved (Discord): <@370297837528809474> and I have each already written sample scripts.
I like to see us come up with an actual marketing plan, before green-lighting an expensive production. Our last video wasn’t marketed at all, outside of getting on our website and sharing on twitter. Having a plan first would be helpful to see. Also, we need to have our instructions and tutorials all in place, before we should be releasing a promo vid


littleeagle (Discord): Well said <@405763084444237828> Let’s not waste this opportunity with our limited resources


808 (Discord): <@405763084444237828> The promo is part of my last proposal and approved by the SN-voters.


808 (Discord): It won’t cost anything extra?


808 (Discord): This is not something that would put a hold on other content.


808 (Discord): And there is a marketing plan?


808 (Discord): Instructions and tutorials are currently waiting on actual screen recordings of the DX, but are in development.


littleeagle (Discord): My general take on it is we should take a different approach. Our target audience knows what a Dex is and the main benefits. I would like to see a video that differentiates us from competitors and also highlights our underlying Xrouter protocol powering the DX as a lot of people seem to think of us as “just a Dex”


littleeagle (Discord): <@408970546928418818> it seems like me <@405763084444237828> and <@373406915696394242> were all curious about the cost so don’t think it’s just cryptoved. Thanks for clearing it up


littleeagle (Discord): Do you mind me asking is the marketing plan solely at your discretion or do you gather community input?


808 (Discord): Thanks for your input <@478963911178321921>. This is helpful.


littleeagle (Discord): You’re welcome. Thanks for considering it


808 (Discord): Fyi; the marketing plan is public. Here is the Q3 plan;


808 (Discord): To clarify on costs, part of my task as stated in my last proposal will be to work on this promo-commercial for Block DX to be part of the broader Block DX campaign. My other / regular Blocknet tasks will be the priority, not this production. It will therefor only consume my time when there is time and not eat away additional funds.


Philip Marshall (Discord): If there is no extra cost and its not eating into any of your time on other tasks, I see no down side