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This topic is mostly mini-development updates automatically copied over from the “Tidbits” channel on Discord.


atcsecure (Discord): XRouter’s Plugin System Proof of Concept - this is a python3 based microservice, exposed via an api to the blocknet wallet

    "reply" : [


shane (Discord): 3 templates were completed last week to be able to quickly make graphics for new features with screenshots in a matter of minutes. Last week’s press release is one example: https://medium.com/@theblocknetchannel/blocknet-streamlines-decentralized-trading-with-a-new-block-dx-update-enabling-automated-setup-28027e93878b

The next batch will focus on templates for promoting Block DX, along with a template to create comparison infographic.


shane (Discord): New Brand Resources page is LIVE! Check it out and drop any feedback in <#401853138371608587> :+1: Tweet and Signal soon to follow. https://www.blocknet.co/brand-resources/


shane (Discord): The Blocknet website will now be self hosting articles, along with our usual posts to Medium, enabling greater SEO and easy access to new visitors :+1: Check out the article design and feel free to drop any feedback in <#402459125558018048>! Also check the latest newsletter for more info on features coming to the website very soon. https://www.blocknet.co/blog/


shane (Discord): Blocknet now has a Spanish profile on Twitter! GO FOLLOW IT!! We have a Social Media Team member who will be helping generate content and translating tweets. For starters our focus is to begin building a feed history. Full website translation capabilities will be finalized in October, which will allow us to support other languages with resources.

We are looking for more individuals to take lead with other languages… so please reach out to myself if you are interested :+1: https://twitter.com/Blocknet_es


cryptoved (Discord): I will be participating in the IBM Blockchain Summit - Los Angeles tomorrow <:block1:419017303540367371>


shane (Discord): Check out a number of templates that have been made this month! In a matter of minutes we can make announcements, Block DX graphics, comparison charts, etc. Well be pushing these out to the community in October so anyone can be a part of graphic creation :+1: Check out our example video to see how easy it is if you have Photoshop: https://youtu.be/5F3OVubSqDQ


Philip Marshall (Discord): :+1:


hanniabu (Discord): A proposal has been submitted to alter the current block reward system. This proposal can be seen pinned in <#495116552425701376>. Please read this proposal and feel free to ask questions.


cryptoved (Discord): Want to check out a recap of my experience at the IBM Blockchain Summit?!


shane (Discord): <:blocket:454242839480631307> Who wants to be Blocket in FIRST PERSON??? Blast just showcased the first screenshots of their new game cryptoBLAST using Blocknet as the hero in an epic battle with Ethereum! Blocknet is connecting some amazing projects!! Check out their website as well and see them talking about Blocknet :smiley: https://twitter.com/CryptoBLAST/status/1046641351528513536


hanniabu (Discord): Correction: The latest version of Block DX will be released along side the main wallet since it depends on the new Trade History API.


hanniabu (Discord): This chart is for the BLOCK / XC market pair on mainnet, using the following data:

dxGetOrderHistory BLOCK XC 1538381100 1538383800 300

    //[ time, low, high, open, close, volume ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:05:00Z", 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 0.100000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:10:00Z", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:15:00Z", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:20:00Z", 1.010000, 1.010000, 1.010000, 1.010000, 0.100000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:25:00Z", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:30:00Z", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:35:00Z", 1.020000, 1.020000, 1.020000, 1.020000, 0.100000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:40:00Z", 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000 ],
    [ "2018-10-01T08:45:00Z", 1.030000, 1.030000, 1.030000, 1.030000, 0.100000 ]


shane (Discord): Check out our slick new social media banner!! The focus is to emphasize the dApp possibilities in our messaging. The grid of blockchains below and the dApp possibilities above shows what Blocknet is AND how it can be used <:block2:419017481760407562> Here is the banner for your own use as well :wink: https://twitter.com/The_Blocknet


shane (Discord): The full Q4 roadmap items were finalized this week. We desire for our roadmaps to include larger items that extend beyond each current quarter to show long term goals. This new structure of roadmap requires a different graphical design, which is currently in progress. We were shooting for completion this week, as per the most recent newsletter, but the design work will carry on into next week.

Therefore, the full Q4 roadmap which includes long term goals is expected early next week :+1:


shane (Discord): Let’s crowdsource some data to begin creating comparison charts with! While our team is busy QAing our coming wallet and Block DX builds, we’d like to start compiling data on other DEXs to use in our coming Block DX campaign.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGES, please take a look at this database and add any new exchanges, fields, or info you can! Be sure to double check any data you add :+1: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QQ4GUJ2oWLOQz3vDSUWzgb04SNVgN0n85FRfOlEoETs/edit?usp=sharing


Philip Marshall (Discord): Some additional fields have been added.


shane (Discord): The timetable for our long term roadmap items were being reworked last week. This put a hold on the roadmap’s design aspect, and marketing will pick up the designing of the full roadmap once everything is finalized. Everything on our current roadmap is still good to go and on track :+1:


shane (Discord): There has been a lot of solid conversations happening about marketing, especially in regards to Block DX, so I wanted to give a brief rundown of what is in progress.

<@401857127620149259> has been taking lead on on article creation, to which we have 4 articles that are in final editing stage, and several others in the process being written. We will hit a multitude of topics including:

  • Why would traditional exchanges embrace a decentralized exchange?
  • Block DX is the first decentralized exchange to offer ultra trustless trading via node you control.
  • What are Darkpool markets?
  • Understanding a Decentralized Exchange.
  • A History of Decentralized Exchanges.

If you are a writer and would like to take lead on writing a Block DX focused article, contributors are always welcomed!

My primary focus currently is new features coming to the website. I’m QAing Coin Portals, while also concepting new pages for Block DX and the protocol. When Coin Portals are released, we’ll begin adding coin specific Block DX marketing materials that any community can use to promote their coin on Block DX.

Our next batch of coin announcements will have a heavy focus on Block DX compatibility. This will also give us an chance to circle back around to already announced coins and do another campaign that is Block DX centric.

We will be releasing comparison graphics as well, highlighting Block DX among other “DEXs”. We could really use help getting gathering info on DEXs. Please check out this spreadsheet and feel free to help share the load! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QQ4GUJ2oWLOQz3vDSUWzgb04SNVgN0n85FRfOlEoETs/edit#gid=0

<@408970546928418818> is creating a Diagram Asset Library that will allow us to easy create branded diagrams of how Block DX and the Blocknet Protocol work. This will be a great way to visually show what is happening behind the scenes.