Tidbits from Discourse


shane (Discord): Dan will be creating a screen capture of trading action happening on Block DX to use for new promotional graphics and videos.

A LOT of work is happening behind the scenes, and we are always open to contributors who have have skills in: Writing, translating, graphic design, and video production Current contributors are making great headway in prepping for our Block DX campaign.

When will we begin rolling out this campaign? Once the dev team has finished a few security features. In our current roadmap, you will find “Additional Verification Checks”. This is what the team feels should be in place before launching our public campaign. Security has to be top priority before going public. Once the dev team gives the green light because all security features are in place, we will begin rolling out the campaign.

Feel free to drop feedback and idea in the <#401853138371608587> channel. We’ve of our current marketing projects that are being worked on were prioritized due to feedback from the community.


cryptoved (Discord): Make sure to check out this great website <@478963911178321921> put together to monitor trades on Block DX!


Philip Marshall (Discord): We will be releasing comparison graphics soon, highlighting Block DX among other “DEXs”. We could really use help getting gathering info on DEXs. Please check out this spreadsheet and feel free to help share the load! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QQ4GUJ2oWLOQz3vDSUWzgb04SNVgN0n85FRfOlEoETs/edit#gid=0


cryptoved (Discord): Here’s an audio recording of our presentation today at the roundtable. This was prerecorded just to check the timing of the speech, so it’s not the actual live speech. And please excuse the audio quality–it’s really not bad for a quick home recording. For your listening please, here’s <@271765108714110986> …


shane (Discord): Here is a soft launch of Coin Portals! We will be doing a PR to make the launch public in tandem with the resuming of Coin Announcements on Nov 15th.

With this soft launch we are hoping to get our community’s feedback on the Blocknet and Phore Portals. Backend work is being done to complete the other Portals, so for now those two Portals are ready for feedback. Some design tweaks are still underway.

The Blocknet Portal is full featured with all data and social media platforms activated. The Phore Portal represents a Portal that has not been fully activated by the Phore team, so some social networks and data will not be present. We will be connecting with communities to fully activate their Portals and participate in our Block DX campaign.

An Overview Document of our Portal infrastructure is being compiled to show the capabilities of our website’s design. Our hope is that web developers will want to contribute to build new tools for empowering communities and showcasing Blocknet’s products. https://www.blocknet.co/coins/


cryptoved (Discord): Brussels -> Prague -> Malta : Blocknet is having quite the week! Thanks for representing us <@271765108714110986> & <@123696607232393216> :pray:


cryptoved (Discord): <@271765108714110986> in Malta for Day2 at the Malta Blockchain Summit. <@123696607232393216> back at it for more at the Ethereum Devcon4 in Prague. Whoop whoop!


Philip Marshall (Discord): @here don’t forget to vote in the latest superblock. Voting closes tomorrow! https://mobile.twitter.com/The_Blocknet/status/1057705230727634946


cryptoved (Discord): I will be attending a panel this evening at the UCLA Blockchain Lab: Blockchain in the Music Industry
moderated by Alex Nascimento (Nascimento will be moderating the “Blockchain Interoperability” panel at Blockchain Expo - Silicon Valley at the end of this month…fingers crossed I get the chance to talk to him a few minutes and put in a good word for Blocknet <:sly:408159091454902273> <:blocket:454242839480631307>


808 (Discord): Hi all. We are starting the production of a commercial/promo for Block DX and we would like to hear your ideas. Please see check out <#401853138371608587> for info and updates.