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Has anyone here been following Holo?


deltatiger (Discord): I have <@478963911178321921>


88mph (Discord): Yeah me as well actually


Dungor (Discord): No one traded with me :frowning: Taking down the orders now


Mr. Binks (Discord): well well well, the long awaited Blocknet DX with automated set-up is up and running and NO ONE is using it? What’s the next awaited mile stone? A multiwallet/litewallet?


Dungor (Discord): Have you tried it <@448846355021168640> ?


littleeagle (Discord): We can all dance around the issue and ignore the elephant in the room but the truth is if the community of Block owners who have a vested interest can’t rally around and build up trade volume then it’s a real long shot hoping this will magically gain traction and get decent volume


littleeagle (Discord): We need some kind of solution that doesn’t involve downloading blockchains and just works straight out of the box


littleeagle (Discord): Comes up time and again but it doesn’t seem to ever go anywhere :tired_face:


littleeagle (Discord): Don’t we all mostly agree that should be the priority now?


Eazy G (Discord): The conversation is happening in the litewallet-multiwallet Chanel. That is the missing piece of the puzzle.


littleeagle (Discord): Yes we need that. Obviously the tech we have is freaking amazing, we just need that last piece of the jigsaw so the masses can come onboard


ponzinomics (Discord): plus some CEX orderbook integration


littleeagle (Discord): That would be amazing. Are Bitfinex still interested in using our tech to power their decentralised exchange?


ponzinomics (Discord): /block


emissary (Discord): I don’t like the way the Bridge bot cuts off conversations in General with a page full of boring depressing data. We all know block is down. Anyway it really interupts conversations. Can’t the info be more concise or done in a different channel?


emissary (Discord): I guess I’m in trading channel. Nevermind.


emissary (Discord): I don’t mind it as much here, but find it more annoying in General.


sworks (Discord): $BLOCK