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Jazzy (Discord): Bitcoin continues to look primed for a move. Short term trend would indicate we could be looking at a breakout which could be equally likely to fizzle out at 7100. Still waiting for something bigger to happen.


Jazzy (Discord): BLOCK continue to hover in the critical zone. Looking at all time weekly RSI lows.


Jazzy (Discord): Breaking out of the downtrend here could be notable or it could continue to range, either of those situations would be pretty bullish compared to breaking down


Jazzy (Discord): low volume and liquidity continue to plague us, so the natural assumption to make is that BLOCK’s market activity is going to be more tied towards the larger trend that it’s own movements. This may be the most relevant chart to be looking at with that frame of mind.


vikrants86 (Discord): <@!120663083906629634> not sure i agree with that… even in the chart you showed above, the volume decrease in the Alt coin market is far smaller than Block


vikrants86 (Discord): using today as an example, which is a normal representation of the market these days, block has the 6 lowest 24h volume to mkt cap ratio among the top 200 coins


vikrants86 (Discord): comparing to some of Block’s perceived competitors, AION and Komodo’s 24h volume is approx 1% of mkt cap


vikrants86 (Discord): Block is near 0% (0.04%) to be exact


Jazzy (Discord): I think that supports the suggestion that BLOCK lacks a strong and well defined market of it’s own to make broad assumptions of


vikrants86 (Discord): that i’d agree with… i think this is a classic case of TA decoupling from FA. Also, without market depth, and no floor support (given DX is in beta), Block is very susceptible to be taken out by a whale (or a disgruntled node owner)… which is why i was surprised that the bitfinex news wasn’t made public on social media to create more awareness and hence volume.


vikrants86 (Discord): right now Block is sort of stuck in no-mans-land. No market depth of its own, and we cant even call it a high beta altcoin (compared to top 2/3 coins).

#381 (Discord): finding some strong support at these levels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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