Trading and price analysis


Praxis (Discord): Wow.


ponzinomics (Discord): /block


Lautrer © :de: :wave: (Discord): One Bayer and lots of People throw in. I do not like it. always the same pattern


ponzinomics (Discord): what you mean? bavarian hands are strong!


sysco32 (Discord): * buyer he means,but yes- lot of people getting out probably at better price now


littleeagle (Discord): No whales selling into either of the big buy walls shows they have confidence and belief in the long term vision of the project :smiley:


flamboyant (Discord): It’s also called common sense. Domping at the alleged bottom ain’t the best way to make a buck


no5 (Discord): /block


crypt0biwan (Discord): Are those existing open orders?


Eazy G (Discord): They were but will be gone when the new updated Wallet goes live later on today.


vikrants86 (Discord): /block


no5 (Discord): Will it be a rally then mass exodus?


Praxis (Discord): Why mass exodus <@410745773139951627> ?


ponzinomics (Discord): /block


no5 (Discord): Not necessarily of block just seems to be a pattern. Bit of green to get the hopes up then bulk red


ponzinomics (Discord): /block


ponzinomics (Discord): 100k sats SOON!


Jazzy (Discord): Can’t say I’d put too much into this but hey it’s a thing


Jazzy (Discord): It seems very unlike we’d see any kind of large FOMO suddenly ramping the price up, but maybe this is the start of a positive reversal


giba711 (Discord): Pretty large buy order at 60 and 65k sats…