Trading and price analysis


giba711 (Discord): Enough to buy all the sell orders lol.


vikrants86 (Discord): /block


littleeagle (Discord): /block


ponzinomics (Discord): /block


kobaya74 (Discord): /stake 2260


sworks (Discord): $block

#414 (Discord): /stake 300


Jazzy (Discord): /stake 1500


vikrants86 (Discord): /stake 1


no5 (Discord): 2.33 years


farsider350 (Discord): /stake 20


sworks (Discord): $BLOCK


emissary (Discord): Anyone else find it ironic that the ultimate-anonymizer-exchange NIX requires phone verification to join their discord server?


emissary (Discord): Anyway, not being willing to put up with crap like that, maybe a fellow NIX bag-holder can answer my question. What is the fee sharing % regarding NIX fees with “ghost nodes” and stakers? (For example, 100% of DX fees are split between SN and stakers at Blocknet).


Jazzy (Discord): There are plenty of services to get a dummy number for stuff like that, although I question if it does more harm than good reducing spammers


emissary (Discord): Hard to see how asking crypto enthusiasts give away their phone numbers isn’t compromising their personal security a little. With all the phone scams incidents that have happened lately.


emissary (Discord): And how can they be expected to protect public’s privacy if they don’t protect their own community’s?


Jazzy (Discord): I don’t think they personally receive the number, discord handles that


Jazzy (Discord): I do agree though, which is why I would advocate for not using a real number or one you use elsewhere


emissary (Discord): Exactly. And who knows if discord is trustworthy? Every time I’ve tried a “reusable number,” it didn’t work (on account of being on a blacklist of non-excepted numbers).