Trading and price analysis


sworks (Discord): $BLOCK


potents (Discord): Hi guys
This used to be a great channel for chat about trading opportunity for blocknet. The bot output is great but it is stopping the chat. Can we put it on a different channel?


baedrik (Discord): <@328976529193435136> I believe ghostnodes get 100% of the fees for using ghost protocol


baedrik (Discord): Yeah, I don’t think they’ve ever said stakers or dev fund would get anything from fees


baedrik (Discord): On a side note, they posted an interesting teaser over there


philcoin (Discord): Get Blocknet listed on a brandnew upcoming Exchange:

We just launched a new section on our main website called Listing where you submit details of your project incase you want to see it trading inside AltExch

If you are part of other communities in crypto or know other people who have their ICO’s ongoing and looking for reliable exchange partners , then feel free to pass them on this link

As per our yellow paper we are not going to charge any exchange listing fees for the first 180 days and hence its a win win situation for the coins getting listed on AltExch

We are looking to deal with only quality projects though with decent community size

As of now we have finalised about 5 projects already which will start trading with Altexch once we launch and looking to add more


Jazzy (Discord): <@357877550438940673> they also listed RVN with no fee


ponzinomics (Discord): <@!120663083906629634> that’s why I thought that they’d add new projects free of charge in general…


Jazzy (Discord): It’s a tricky situation. Their new policy is ‘teams name the amount to list and it will be paid onto charity if accepted’, which allows them to accept things without a listing fee, although I doubt it will become the norm


littleeagle (Discord): Anyone know why Bitfinex BTC trading is at a slight premium right now?


sworks (Discord): <@478963911178321921> - usd tether


Matthijs (Discord): Goodmorning


Dungor (Discord): TUSDBTC and USDBTC is breaking parity


sysco32 (Discord): Yeah BTC made a small bullrun by mistake ? Hahha


Dungor (Discord):


Dungor (Discord): There is potentially 300k BTC locked up in Tether. If they make a bank run it could push the price of BTC up a nice bit before it comes crashing down again


Dungor (Discord): Question is, how solvent is Tether?


sysco32 (Discord): I will never have tether as their approval process took 1 year last time and my docs expired.I literally told them to show up their tokens :wink:


Dungor (Discord):
More FUD


sworks (Discord): BLOCK DX should be taking advantage these headlines, free marketing material right there.