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synechist (Discord): All of this nonsense is trading on the irremovable fact that Tether requires one to trust an opaque centralized entity.
We need a purely trustless solution.


Matthijs (Discord):


sworks (Discord): <@123696607232393216> Agreed, however no one knows about Block DX so this could have been used as an opportunity to strengthen awareness. No problem if this doesn’t fit into the marketing strategy.

Lets let the price fall some more so i can accumulate more :smiley:


synechist (Discord): It would be a good idea to talk (in <#451236636987228170>?) about how the marketing team might be able to harness these trust-laden panics.


littleeagle (Discord): /stake 100


blocknet!!! (Discord): Jeez hope we don’t fall out of top 300


sworks (Discord): $BLOCK


Matthijs (Discord):


Claire (Discord): man o man, when will the shift happen from centralized exchanges to decentralized ones…?


Mr. Binks (Discord): Liquidity and great UI is key


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ponzinomics (Discord): I had a dream: End of Q1 2019, Bitfinex successfully integrated Blocknet, ERC20 integration was finalized a few weeks before, also IBM agreed to use XRouter for its corporate business blockchain solutions… and DAI has become the go-to stablecoin besides Tether, Blocknet providing the liquidity in a decentralized manner. Blockprice hovering around 50bucks at that time… and the whole crypto world is only waiting for an SPV multiwallet BlockDX client, which in the Q1 roadmap was announced for early Q2. Mobile included. DONT WAKE ME UP


Matthijs (Discord): KYC<:pwojakhorror:478926466436956160>


ponzinomics (Discord): /stake 400


Jazzy (Discord): Remember to fight KYC/AML, use wallets like Samourai or Wasabi that are introducing privacy focused developments like stonewall, ricochet, and ZeroLink to support privacy and fungibility of bitcoin.


emissary (Discord): Why can’t Samourai have an iOS version?


laredo7mm (Discord): /block


cryptoved (Discord):

#486 (Discord): Picked up a couple more block today

#487 (Discord): COME AT ME BEAR MARKET :stuck_out_tongue::bear: