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movingblocks (Discord): which is probably why were doing pretty damn well during bull markets…
Anyways when we hit another bear market like this, our tech will be churning those trades like crazy, so we’ll be just fine .


Philip Marshall (Discord):


bucketbrigade (Discord): Hello, i’m trying to get my BLOCK DX going, but I got stuck here:


bucketbrigade (Discord): The GUI shows up but I get this message:


bucketbrigade (Discord): Internal server error HTTP status 500 RPC endpoint dxGetOrderBook


bucketbrigade (Discord): so it seems it can’t reach the API


bucketbrigade (Discord): this is written in the log


bucketbrigade (Discord): [I] 2018-Oct-24 14:32:49 [0x2164] No such node (Main.ExchangeWallets)


Philip Marshall (Discord): <@458685594176978964> Hi. Probabaly betetr to ask in the <#402457070818951179> channel.


bucketbrigade (Discord): thx!


hanniabu (Discord): <@458685594176978964> this is a known bug, if you accept the error and select a market pair you will not see this error again

#519 (Discord): /stake 12


CryptoXman (Discord): More “decentralized” exchange


ponzinomics (Discord): howling at the mooooooooooon! :last_quarter_moon_with_face:


poppy (Discord): orderbook loads, trades sit in accepting, placing orders says error. using cl in debub console says cannot find servicenode with required services, am i missing something ???

#523 (Discord): this question would be more likely to be answered in <#402457140872085504> channel <@503847548289810463>


ponzinomics (Discord): <:blocket:454242839480631307>


CryptQueen (Discord): It’s on fire!


CryptQueen (Discord): be nice to cruise back up to $5 for the interim


sysco32 (Discord): Dam 5$ - i wanna cry