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ponzinomics (Discord): gogogo


ponzinomics (Discord): :rocket: <:blocket:454242839480631307>


CryptQueen (Discord): <@357877550438940673> is buying!


ponzinomics (Discord): ponzi is hodling


ponzinomics (Discord): my precious BLOCK


a2jimenez (Discord): Too funny!


cryptoved (Discord): Happy little Blocknet logo cloud


no5 (Discord): /trx


no5 (Discord): /TRXC


ponzinomics (Discord): $block


Spag (Discord): /price


cryptoved (Discord):


laredo7mm (Discord): /nix


laredo7mm (Discord): Another new project that has passed us by in MC and is using our tech to do it?


laredo7mm (Discord): /kmd


laredo7mm (Discord): I guess I understand why so many people don’t like my comments. The only thing we have is “hopium.” Everything is in the works and will be here soon. Just be patient.


baedrik (Discord): Considering NIX has implemented something that has not been done before in crypto, I don’t really think one can say they used our tech to surpass us


laredo7mm (Discord): Didn’t Blocknet implement something that has never been done before in crypto?


laredo7mm (Discord): Since they are our partner, I assumed that they would be leveraging our tech. I guess it was a bad assumption.


baedrik (Discord): Here’s a technical paper on what they’ve been working on most recently