Trading and price analysis


baedrik (Discord): And a less technical presentation


bisky (Discord): i’m confused …laredo is a kmd shiller?


bisky (Discord): he was a friggin xc minter who got seduced after the epic fud? still chasing what?


bisky (Discord): not cool loredo. look at the bigger picture


bisky (Discord): james still hasn’t a linkin account as far as i know


bisky (Discord): anonymity is one thing. trust is another


laredo7mm (Discord): <@399251519976898570> WTF are you talking about? I am a KMD shill because i brought up the price quote. I don’t own any KMD but I am a shill. So start calling out every other person on this chat who pulls a price quote that isn’t block. My comment about getting passed in MC was about NIX, and then I asked for a price quote for KMD to further my point. Seduced by FUD? I was a staunch XC advocate, do some research and you might be able to come up with an opinion that means something


laredo7mm (Discord): What is the bigger picture? That I have held XC for 4.5 years and Block for 4 years and neither project has a use (XC) or a user friendly product (Block)?


ponzinomics (Discord): /dcn


Jazzy (Discord): james still hasn't a linkin account as far as i know might be the worst piece of criticism I’ve ever seen. Trust should be about results and reputation, no other arbitrary measures like identity or a linkedin profile.


hanniabu (Discord): is james jl777?


CryptQueen (Discord): <:blocket:454242839480631307>


CryptQueen (Discord): <@366641606817873930> pump this baby to the moon


bisky (Discord): what goes up must come down …patience is a virtue


bisky (Discord): pfft …really? lec? :frowning:


redactedman (Discord): Yes the laws of physics apply to crypto. What are you on about now?


redactedman (Discord): I very much appreciate and value someone helping our project and price with such actions, it is crucial to success.


no5 (Discord): Phat gainz today. Time to crack the champagne


blocknet!!! (Discord): Jeez


blocknet!!! (Discord): When back to $50